Web Push Notification For Magento 2

Web Push Notification For Magento 2
Send your subscribed users a push notification from your online store to the browser even when they are not on your website.
Version: 1.0.0
Compatibility: Community 2.0.* - 2.2.*
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Web Push Notification is an extension for Magento 2 which enables you to send push notifications. This extension sends an instant push notification to the web browser of the subscribed customers whenever the subscribed customer operates the browser. This saves your time as you can schedule when you want to send the notifications and not wait for the subscriber to open the browser.

You can enable this extension by clicking on Stores > Configuration. Whenever a customer subscribes, initially they receive a ‘Thank you’ notification, which is only sent once. From there you can edit the title and message of this Thank You notification. You can also set the icon to be set in the web push notification.

Note: This extension uses Firebase as a platform to store data, verify users, and implement access rules. For this extension to work, you will have to use the server key and sender id which you can find in your Firebase account.
Main Configuration
Main Menu
Notification Template
Edit notification template
New notification from existing template
Notification Log
Edit scheduled notification
Registered Users
  • The admin enables to send a push notification to the subscribed users even if they are not on your website but just online on the browser.
  • The admin can set the title, message and logo of the template.
  • The admin can create a list of templates which can be sent multiple times.
  • The admin can schedule or instantly send the message to the users.
  • The admin can view the list of subscribed users and the status of the notification sent.
  • There is no limitation on the number of subscribed users.

To change or add a new template, you can click on Marketing > Notification Templates. Click on ‘Add new’. For any new template, you can set the template title, template message and the redirect URL key. Along with these settings, you can also set the template icon.

From the template list, you can not only create a new template but also edit the existing template provided it is not sent to the customers. For editing the template, you can click on Action > Select > Edit and edit the template. This extension enables sending the notifications instantly or set a schedule for the same. For scheduling the notifications, you can click on Action > Select > Send. You can configure the settings and schedule your notifications.

Once you set up these templates, the customers receive the notifications even if they have just their browsers opened. With this extension, you can also view the notifications you have sent previously from Marketing > Notifications. This list also has the details about the type of notification, Status, time at which the notification is scheduled and executed, etc.

You get the list of those customers who have subscribed for the notifications from Marketing > Registered Users.

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