Walmart Odoo Connector

Walmart Odoo Connector is the ultimate solution to manage your vital business operations from single window and automize the two-way data exchanges between Walmart and Odoo.
Note: Walmart Odoo Connector is available as ‘In-App Purchase’ for a recurring fee and not as a one-off purchase.
Compatibility: Odoo Version : 12
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Walmart - Innovative thinking. Leadership through service. And above all, an unwavering commitment to saving people money. E-Commerce is a huge platform which is growing at an unprecedented rate all over the world and Walmart is one of the pioneers in it. As a Seller of Walmart, maybe you are processing thousands of transactions per day or just a few dozens, but its management & process will eat your good amount of resources. With vigorous research, the smart solution for this finally became ready to deliver to global Odoo users. The Walmart Odoo Connector from Emipro is built from the ground up to provide smooth and seamless integration for Walmart and offers very robust and battle-tested integration with Odoo.

Let’s discuss its salient features, configurations and functionalities.

Odoo Walmart Integration
Integrate Walmart and Odoo to manage your Walmart Seller Central Account operations from Odoo.
Manage Orders
Import unshipped/shipped orders from Walmart to Odoo, Update order status & shipping details from Odoo to Walmart.
Reconcile Settlement Report
Download and reconcile your Walmart Settlement Reports in Odoo.
Manage Products
Sync item list report import stock,price and retire products from Odoo to Walmart.
Manage Refunds
Directly refund an order to Walmart from Odoo.
Update Stock Level
Update stock level of products from Odoo to Walmart.
Import Products
Import new products in Odoo and do mapping of Walmart & Odoo products.
Set Automatic Jobs
Set automatic jobs to perform vital Odoo Walmart Integration operations.
Track Feed Submission History
Track feed that is submitted to Walmart during export operations to identify issues.
Track Mismatch Log
Find out the reasons of unsuccessful operations in Mismatch Log.

  • Import orders from Walmart
  • Orders Acknowledgement
  • Settlement reports
  • Get Item details
  • Get & update Tracking Number & Shipment Status
  • Update stock in inventory
  • Update price
  • Import productst
  • Send invoice/refund via email
  • Cancel orders
  • Customer refund

Odoo Walmart Integration

Odoo Walmart Integration
Manage Products

Manage Products
Manage Orders

Manage Orders
Set Automatic Jobs

Set Automatic Jobs
Manage Refunds

Manage Refunds
Settlement Reports

Settlement Reports
In-App Purchase
  • Walmart Odoo Connector can be availed and used as ‘In-App Purchase’.
  • The app published here on Odoo App Store forms the base for IAP and does not provide any features of the app.
  • Using the connector will require recurring payments that you can make in the form of purchasing IAP Packs.
  • By buying this app and the IAP Packs, you accept the Privacy Policy and the Support Policy.

IAP Packs

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