TryItLive Virtual Try-On For Magento 2

Let your customers feel the products by trying it online virtually by uploading their image and confirm before purchasing that its best suitable to them.
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Version: 1.0.0
Compatibility: CE 2.2.0 - 2.2.9, 2.3.0 - 2.3.2
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Virtual reality has already kicked off, and we plan on acing this game too. The 'Tryitlive' is the latest virtual try-on extension we have developed for Magento 2 because we know that virtual reality is the future.

It enables the person to virtually try on their favorite products like eyeglasses, jewelry, hats, apparel, watches, tattoos, contact lenses, etc. in a virtual store. All they need to do is click a picture from mobile or desktop or upload it from the device. This extension once installed, works as a virtual mirror and is exceptionally flexible. It provides different sizing options, and along with that, the product can be rotated as required. This flexibility increases the user experience and helps in customer retention. With this extension, the customer can be more confident about their purchases as they first try the product and then buy.

If you have any specific customization requirement for your store let us know in the live chat or email at We will provide you the tailor fit solution to exactly fulfill your requirements.
Customer Oriented
  • The user can try on the products online on any device he uses. The extension works efficiently with all types of devices.
  • The user can upload the picture from his device or can capture a new one.
  • After uploading the picture, the user can resize and rotate the trial products on that picture as per the requirement.
  • The extension allows for numerous trials.
  • The user can put on multiple trial products on his picture at the same time. This feature allows the user to get an idea of how a set of products will look on to him/her.
Admin Oriented
  • Admin can allow the viewer to try single or multiple items at the same time for any individual product depending upon the type of the product.
  • Admin can set default width and position of the trial items.
  • Admin can change the default trial background image as per the product.

This extension is not only easy-to-use for the end customers, but it also has something in store for the admin. Admin can change and set up various default options including the name, image, etc.


This is one of the powerful features the extension brings with it. You can allow the users to try multiple items or a single item at a time in the trial pop-up, depending on the type of product you deal with. If you want to pick various items for trial, go to Catalog > Products, turn 'trial multiple' option to ON and that particular product will allow you to try multiple items in the trial pop-up.

Below will appear the option of ‘Images and videos.' You can upload the images there and check the option ‘Virtual try on’ at the bottom. The images that have this option marked will appear as a trial item.

You can also change the default pop-up background image for an individual product. For that, upload a picture and then click on it. Under the ‘Role’ section, select the option ‘Try on.’ The background will be set up as the default try-on pop-up background image for that product.

There are some settings in the configuration menu to make the extension work even more perfectly. Here you can set up the default options as per your requirements.

If you want to set your own text on pop up title and button you can change it from the ‘Popup Title Text’ and ‘Button Text’ option.

Also, the width and position of the trial item can be changed and set up. You can also set the default item as selected. Remember, the item on the top will be treated as default and get selected. These settings are specifically useful when you want to fit the trial item perfectly on the background image when it is clicked on and thus the user does not need to resize it at all.

  • Trial item default selected: If you will enable this option, then the first trial item in every product will be selected automatically when the pop-up is clicked on. The visitor can then click on the other items to try out the product virtually.
  • Trial item width: With this option, the admin can specify the width of the trial item in percentage. This width is applicable when the trial item gets placed on the pop-up background image.
  • Trial item top position & left position: These are the horizontal and vertical parameters (in percentage) to set the trial product on the pop-up background when it is clicked on by the user.

The default background image and maximum file upload size can be changed and set up too.

You can specify an image placeholder which will be treated as the default background image in the trial pop-up for all products unless you set it individually for a particular product.

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