Stock Rotation Report

Gives you a stock movements between specific dates for a specific or all warehouses.
Compatibility: Odoo Version :12, 11, 10
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It would be always helpful for most of business to get details about stock movements to know how the inventories are moving on. In Odoo there is no such provision to get inventory movement report for a specific periods.

With Stock Rotation Report app user can generate stock movement report between specific dates. This report can be downloaded in excel or pdf.

Opening Stock
Gives beginning period stock of products.
Total Purchase
Gives total purchase quantity between specific periods of products.
Total Sales
Gives total sales quantity between specific periods of products.
Stock Adjustment (In / Out)
Gives total stock adjustment (in / out) between specific periods of products.
Internal Transfer (In / Out)
Gives total internal stock transfer (in / out) between specific periods of products.
Closing Stock
Gives ending period stock of products.
Last Purchase Price
Gives last purchase price of products.
Last Sale Price
Gives last sale price of products
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