Shopware Odoo Connector

Shopware Odoo Connector
Shopware Odoo Connector integrates the popular eCommerce platform, Shopware with a powerful open source ERP, Odoo and manage various synchronization operations between the Shopware & Odoo.
Compatibility: Odoo Version : 11
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    Shopware is an enterprise eCommerce platform that is popular mainly in Germany & UK and making big strides in other European countries too. While Shopware is capable of managing various enterprise level operations, an online seller would need much more than what Shopware has to offer. To fill this gap, Odoo’s integration with Shopware plays a vital role. The Shopware Odoo Connector is built keeping in mind the benefits of integrating Shopware and Odoo for an Online Seller. The connector mainly helps with various integration and synchronization operations for inventory & order management. 

    Create Shopware User from Shopware backend
    Create Shopware Instance in Odoo
    Shopware Connector Configuration
    Dashboard view
    Shopware Instance configuraion
    Shop view
    Payment Method Configuration
    Automatic workflow Configuration
    Shopware Customer group
    Delivery Method
    Shopware Import Operation
    Shopware Export Operation
    Shopware Product Category
    Shopware Manufacturer
    Shopware Property set
    Shopware Properties
    Shopware Sale order
    Shopware Customer
    Shopware Article
    Shopware Article details
    Connect Multiple Stores
    Integrate multiple Shopware Instances with a single Odoo database.
    Import Multiple Shops
    Import multiple shops of a single Shopware store in Odoo.
    Manage Orders
    Import orders from Shopware to Odoo & Update order status from Odoo to Shopware.
    Import Articles
    Import Articles, Article Details, Property Sets & Product Categories from Shopware to Odoo.
    Manage Stock Levels
    Synchronize product stock levels between Odoo and Shopware in a bi-directional way.
    Import Customer Data
    Import Customer Categories & Customer data from Shopware to Odoo.
    Track Mismatch Log
    Track the mismatch details of unsuccessful operations and correct them.
    Set Automatic Jobs
    Set automatic jobs to perform vital Odoo Shopware operations.
    How to setup Odoo Shopware Connector?



    Shopware to Odoo - Import Operations

    • Import Orders in bulk or choose specific order to import
    • Import Articles (Products), Article Details (Product Variants) & Property Sets
    • Import Product Categories and assign them to articles in Odoo
    • Import Article images
    • Import Manufacturers
    • Import Customer Categories and Customer Details

    Odoo to Shopware - Export Operations

    • Export & Update Stock levels
    • Update Order Status & Shipment Tracking Details

    Automatic Jobs



    User Guide

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