Shopify Odoo Connector

Shopify Odoo Connector
Shopify Odoo Connector helps you in integrating and managing your Shopify store with Odoo by providing the most useful features of Product and Order Synchronization.
Compatibility: Odoo Version : 12, 11, 10, 9, 8
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    Shopify is a famous cloud-based, multi-channel eCommerce platform designed for small and medium businesses. When a Shopify Seller uses Odoo as their backend ERP, the Shopify Odoo Connector is a must-have product for them. Using this connector, a seller can integrate Shopify Store with Odoo and manage different operations such as publishing products to Shopify, Importing Orders to odoo and much more. Automate all Shopify Odoo Integration operations to save a lot of time and efforts using this connector.
    Setup & Configure your Shopify Instance
    Configure necessary parameters per each Shopify Instance
    Configure auto Invoice & Payment Workflow Settings
    Configure Financial Status
    A clean & beautiful Dashboard with everything in one screen
    Execute all Shopify operations from one pop up screen
    Modify Shopify Credentials
    Prepare products for Export, Update Products at Shopify
    Import,Export & Update Collection
    Shopify Sale Order
    Cancel Order at Shopify with specific reason
    Refund the Order at Shopify from Odoo
    Export Shipping details with package tracking number to Shopify
    Update Product price to Shopify
    Set automatic jobs per Instance & User wise
    Shopify sales analysis reportShopify sales analysis report
    Track Mismatch log history
    Synchronize Product
    Import, Export and Synchronize products and product details between Odoo and Shopify.
    Manage Orders
    Import Shopify orders to Odoo, Update order status from Odoo to Shopify.
    Manage Multiple Stores
    Connect multiple Shopify Stores with a single Odoo database.
    Manage Collections
    Manage Custom collection and Smart collection and synchronize collections between Odoo and Shopify.
    Manage Price and Stock
    Synchronize Product Stock and Product Price between Shopify and Odoo.
    Manage Returns & Refund
    Manage Product Returns in Odoo and send a credit note from Odoo to Shopify.
    Set Automatic Jobs
    Set automatic jobs to perform various vital Shopify Odoo Operations.
    Track Mismatch Log
    Find out the reasons of unsuccessful operations in Mismatch Log.
    How to setup Odoo Shopify Connector?

    Odoo to Shopify - Export Operations

    • Export and update products and product details
    • Export and update product stock, price and images
    • Export and Update Custom & Smart Collections
    • Publish or Unpublish products to Shopify store from Odoo
    • Update Order Status of Completed and Cancelled orders
    • Manage Refunds

    Shopify to Odoo - Import Operations

    • Import or Synchronize products
    • Import Product Stock, price and image
    • Import Unfulfilled Orders
    • Import Collections
    • Import Customer Details

    Automatic Jobs

    NOTE: Some of the features of the connector may vary in lower Odoo versions. Kindly contact our Customer Support to know more about it.

    User Guide
    Oliver March 2, 2017
    Great Module and Amazing Support
    We are using the module for a full scale e-Commerce Integration project, and we have received tremendous support from Manoj!
    He introduced the module to us personally and guided us through many question that came up during the integration live on skype. We had some extra features that we needed and he was ready right away to implement this for us.
    Really fantastic work and awesome customer service!

    Thanks a lot!!

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