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Easily manage an unlimited number of attribute specific pages with a lot of other settings & let your customers shop by their favorite brand/attribute.
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Version: 1.0.3
Compatibility: CE 2.1.* - 2.3.*
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With fast pacing changes occurring in trends and ever-increasing need of online activities in minimum clicks, customers would want to shop from a store which is responsive and they can shop with least efforts.



Shop by Attribute (Shop by Brand, Shop by Color, Shop by Size, etc.) is an extension which enhances the customers’ shopping experience as they can shop the products by multiple attributes. The easier it is for customers to buy a product from the website, the better their experience. When customers can shop by attributes like brands, color, sizes, the products they view are filtered with that attribute applied. This extension enables the admin to create numerous attributes with a separate page for each one and add numerous attribute options to each attribute.

Admin Oriented
  • Create an unlimited number of attributes and attribute specific pages.
  • Display selected attributes in any landing page for promotion.
  • Set a different layout for each attribute specific page.
  • Synchronize the attribute options from Magento's default attribute in a single click.
  • Configure your attributes & its options as per store views (Flexibly supports multi-store)
  • Set SEO-friendly URL for attributes’ landing pages.
  • Set meta tags and meta keyword for attribute landing pages.
  • Easy to Configure the extension from configuration settings.
  • Manage attribute values per store view separately.
  • Feature the attributes to promote on landing pages.
Customer Oriented
  • Fully responsive design to give best shopping experience to customers in any device
  • Easily browse your desired products based on attributes & attribute options
  • Layered navigation on the attribute option pages to double filter your customer's search
  • Search and sorting facilities on the attribute option pages
Manage Attributes easily

Create an unlimited number of attributes with your custom SEO - friendly URL for their landing pages.
  • There is an option to save and synchronize attribute options, so that you can easily synchronize the options of the default attribute with the extension's attribute.
  • If you want to display any attribute in CMS blocks and pages, (for ex. Home page), then you can set that attribute as 'Featured attribute'. All the featured attributes will be displayed for selection when you edit CMS page & click on "insert widget".

Lots of facilities for attribute options

There are a number of options by which you can manage attribute options easily:
  • Use Image for all stores: You can definitely set different images for different store-views. There is a fallback pattern for the images of attribute options:
    I. When you set this option as 'Yes', then the same image will be used in all store-view.
    II. If you keep it 'No', then the image set for options of every particular store will be used.
    III. If you have not set any image for other store-view, then the default image set in configuration will be used.
    IV. If you have not set any image in configuration, then magento's default placeholder image will be used.

  • SEO-friendly landing page: Set your custom SEO - friendly URL for the attribute option landing page along-with other SEO settings like meta keywords & meta description.

  • Featured attribute options: You can display some selected attribute options in any CMS page & block. For that, you have to set them as 'featured'. When you insert any attribute using 'insert widget' option in CMS page, only the featured attribute options of that attribute will be fetched & displayed.
Different layout for different options

You can easily set separate layout for every attribute option landing page out of the Magento default layouts, i.e. Empty, 1Column, 2Columns-left, 2Columns-right, 3Columns. If you want to display each attribute option page in a separate layout, you can definitely set your desired layouts for different options!

Update layout of options in a single click

You can change the layout of multiple options with the mass update action. There is no need to open each record and save it!

Synchronize attribute options in a single click

If you add or modify options of any attribute from Stores > Attributes > Product, you need to synchronize them with extension's attribute. But we have made that process so quick that you can sync all the options added in any attribute just in a single click. It will import only the new or modified options from Magento's attribute to extension's attribute, so there is no issue of performing useless queries in database.

Layered Navigation for further filtering the products

Your customers can filter the products by attributes, then by attribute options, and further by the Magento's default Layered navigation, too! On the attribute option pages, we have added the layered navigation facility so that your customers can search their desired products in the easiest way!

Create unlimited attribute specific pages

You can create an unlimited number of attribute landing pages with your desired URL. All the enabled attribute options will be displayed there, and your customer can sort it based on option's name, position in ascending & descending sequence.

Display attribute widget in CMS page & blocks

Yes, you can display your favorite attribute options in Home Page of your site. You have to simply select the attribute from the 'insert widget' option. There you will see the 'Featured attributes' for the selection in widget options. For any selected attribute, 'Featured Attribute Options' will be fetched & displayed on the CMS page.

Easily set the top title

Admin can easily configure the main title. For ex, "Shop By", "Select By".

Set default image for attribute options

As per the fallback system explained above, you can set the default image for attribute options.
I. If you do not set any image for attribute option (for any store-view or all store-view), then this image will be used by default.
II. If you do not set image here, then Magento's default placeholder image will be displayed.

The default dimension will be 225 px x 250 px, which you can change based on your needs.

Default layout of newly synchronized options

When the new options are added in Magento default attribute & then get synced in the extension attribute, they need some default layout to be shown on front-side. So we have provided the setting for selecting the default layout for attribute options that are newly synchronized.
When they get synchronized, they will have that default layout. You can later update it as per your requirement.

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