SEO Suite For Magento 2

SEO Suite For Magento 2
SEO suite helps you automate all the basic SEO aspects of your magento 2 store. From solving duplicate content issues to advanced SEO templates, it takes care of everything.
Version: 2.0.0
Compatibility: Community 2.1.* - 2.2.*
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Free lifetime updates
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SEO suite – The most powerful SEO extension for Magento 2 helps you automate all the nitty gritty aspects of your Magento store. Solve duplicate content issues, manage dynamic templates, improve site indexation rate and even build powerful internal links with just a click. SEO suite is like your own personal SEO specialist bot ready to bring more traffic!

General SEO AutoLink Information
Advanced SEO AutoLink Information
Advanced SEO Rewrite Information
Rich Snippets And Opengraph - Organization
Advanced SEO Redirect Rule Information
Emipro Rich Snippets And Opengraph - Product
Emipro XML Sitemap Settings
Emipro Internal Linking Settings
Emipro XML Sitemap Settings
Emipro SEO Settings
Emipro SEO Settings
Emipro SEO Settings
Basic SEO Template Information
SEO Dashboard
Advanced SEO Template Information

Free installation will not be provided for SEO Suite Basic version. Please contact us for other installation details.

Powerful SEO Templates

SEO templates can help you take care of most of the on-page elements of SEO. You can set dynamic meta Information, Product Image ALT attribute, Set Additional SEO description on product and category page, Short and full description.

User can use global variable to generate unique content for all meta information. Ex. Buy {{ product_name}} online. ? A large selection of {{category_name}} - {{category_parent_name}} Products ? Free shipping from 40$ ?. Buy from now. SEO suite extension allows you to define condition while applying the template. If you want to set product/category template for

SEO suite extension allows you to define condition while applying the template. If you want to set product/category template for particular set of product then set specific condition and select product where you want apply template If you do not set any condition while applying template, it will applied for all product/category pages.

SEO Dashboard

SEO for eCommerce comprises of a large number of things you need to do before making your store live, if you are not a professional SEO, it might hurt your store. SEO suite Pro will help you identify all the settings necessary for your store in a well-presented dashboard so you can quickly fix everything needed for your store without fail.

If you forget or have done the settings in a wrong way, it will be highlighted on the dashboard so that you can take action right away.

SEO information Rewrite

SEO information rewrite is a powerful feature which lets you rewrite on-page information of a specific page or a set of page. You can use wildcards to indicate specific set of pages. This feature is useful when you want to change content of specific pages when a template is applied on those pages.

Prevent duplicate content issues.

When you create a product in magento, it will create multiple URLs for same product. This will create issues of duplicate content and search engine might omit your result or index pages which you never wanted to.

Canonical tag can help you point the duplicate content to the right content so search engines can index those pages. You can also set canonical tag for various product like, configurable, grouped and bundle products with just a click.

Easy Internal Linking

Internal links not only helps user to navigate the site easily but also helps in better search engine rankings. In eCommerce, when you have 1000’s of products in your inventory it is practically impossible and time-consuming to link all the pages internally.

SEO suite helps to link all the pages by just providing a keyword and a page to link to. It’s as easy as that. You can upload 100’s of these keywords through a CSV and the extension will do all the hard work.

You can even set how many times you want that keyword to be linked on a page, this will ensure that you don’t get penalized by Google for excessive internal links.

Schema markup (Rich Snippets) and Breadcrumbs

According to google, search results with rich snippets have a 15% higher CTR. Advantages of having rich snippets on your store are numerous, but to get those schema implemented on your store in correct way is tough. With SEO suite, you don’t need to do any coding. Provide all the information and that’s it. No hard coding, just easy traffic.

Easily Redirect your website page

Redirect is one of the most important SEO features. If you have are running eCommerce store and have 1000’s of products, you might often encounter 404 pages, having 404 page is understandable but not doing anything about it is not.

404 pages leaves a bad impression on your visitor and you don’t want that to happen. In eCommerce, it often happens that you discontinue a particular category of products, this leaves a large set of 404 pages. With SEO suite, you can bulk redirect all those pages to relevant pages so that it creates a good impression and brings in additional revenue.

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Yannis September 28, 2018
Great tool for great shop!
Let me start off with saying I got best tech support from Emipro, originally extension was not working correctly, Emipro went extra step did the research and found out my developer had put some customized codes that were messing with the extension. They fixed my issue made the extension work, they helped me with all the features and set them up for me. I had one of the best experience with these guys best customer service.
Rang April 26, 2018
All in one time saver SEO tool.
It's a complete suite of tools needed for SEO, with a rather unique template system. It has all you need for SEO and more... At first I must say I wasn't really sure how to implement those templates on live website situations, but the support (Jayesh) is so great. Not only they installed it flawlessly for free, but they also clarified to me the basic workflow. They won't let you down, the support alone is worth the price of the extension.
Sami N Shaik August 23, 2017
Very helpful SEO Toolkit
I previously had such extension from other competitor but found this one really effective. They offer free installation and helped me configure the extension quickly with no errors in webmaster tool or dropped positions. It proves to be a time-saving module and I don't have to do operations manually now. They provide fast support (I just had few questions) and it is just working as desired in our site!

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