Sale Margin Report

With the Sale Margin Report, use can see the profit they are getting against each sales order.
Compatibility: Odoo Version : 12, 11
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Your sales margin is an important factor of the success of your business. The higher your sales margin is the more profit potential you'll have. Sales margin analysis allows a company's management to measure progress in sales and marketing efforts. It's not that much straight forward to get the details of profit margin against each sale order.

With Sale Margin Report, user can see profit margin of each sales order. Along with profit margin amount user can get many more details like, cost, margin percentage, discount amount and untaxed amount. To filter large data there are many options available like, company, warehouses, sales channel, sales person, customer, products etc...

User can easily identify sales order in which the margin is negative by just selecting one option in report.

Analyzed profit margin by amount and percentage
User can see profit margin by amount and by percentage.
Negative margin gets highlighted
There is special feature to highlight negative margin orders, so user can see it.
Data can be filtered by many ways
There are many filters available to see specific data from the large data set.
Report can be downloaded in multiple format
Report can be downloaded easily in pdf as well as in excel file.
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