RMA ( Return Merchandise Authorisation ) in Odoo

Manage Return Merchandize Authorization ( RMA ) in Odoo. Allow users to manage Return Orders, Replacement, Refund & Repair in Odoo.
Compatibility: Odoo Version : 12, 11, 10
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Managing Product Returns is an integral part of any online selling business. Almost every seller provides the facility to return a purchased product and in-turn give a refund, replacement or repair for the returned product. Handling returns can be quite complex at times and if a seller does not have an efficient return management system in place, the customers are bound to be dissatisfied.

The RMA solution from Emipro helps to efficiently accept return request from the customer, provide them the option to get refund, repair or replacement and accordingly manage various operational aspects in Odoo such as creating return receipt, delivery order, credit note, adjusting stock levels etc.


  • Allows users to create predefined Return reason & set appropriate Action to be taken.
  • Allows users to Approve or Reject an RMA Request from Customer.
  • Allow users to manage return or replacement in Odoo.
  • Notify responsible for next action by an email automatically.
  • User can take actions like Refund, Replacement or Repair in Odoo.
  • RMA for Odoo App generate documents automatically such as Delivery Order / Credit Note / Sales Order based on action taken by responsible person.
  • Allow users to see all the documents from the same screen.
  • Users can print RMA Report & Send to customer by an email

Generic Process of RMA

This is the general process of RMA with all its scenarios. When the new RMA is created, it initially goes to the approval stage. If RMA is rejected, it gets closed. If it is approved, it further generates the receipt to carry our Refund, Repair or Replacement.

Generic Process of RMA
Refund Scenario in RMA

When there is refund scenario in RMA, it checks whether the invoice for the returned product is created or not. If the invoice is created, the credit note for the customer is generated from which refund can be done. If there is no invoice, RMA gets closed.

Refund Scenario in RMA
Repair Scenario in RMA

In the Repair scenario of RMA, a Delivery Order is created when the repair is done successfully. RMA gets closed thereafter.

Repair Scenario in RMA
Replacement Scenario in RMA

Replacement scenario in RMA has two cases. If the product to be given as a replacement is the same as the returned product, a Delivery Order is generated to ship the order to the customer and RMA gets closed there. But, if the replacement product is different than the returned product and the Invoice is supposed to be created for the replacement product, the system will create a new Sale Order of that particular product & RMA gets closed.

And, if there is no invoice for the replacement product to be created, only a Delivery Order is generated to ship the product and RMA gets closed thereafter.

Replacement Scenario in RMA
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