Review Reminder

Automatically send review reminder email to your customer to write a review for the product they purchased.
Version: 0.1.0
Compatibility: CE 1.6.* - 1.9.*
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People make shopping decisions on the basis of how other customers have reviewed a product. A positive review of a product takes your customer one step closer to purchasing that product. So it is very important to ensure that your customers write a product review once they have purchased it. ‘Review Reminder’ extension encourages your customer to share their review by automatically reminding them via email. More reviews you have, more trust you build.

  • When a customer successfully completes an order, their email address is added to the Review Reminder List.
  • Under configuration settings, you can decide whether to enable auto reminder or not.
  • If auto reminder is enabled, decide when to send your first email to the customer asking for the product review.
  • Also decide how many maximum reminders to send and how many days of gap should be between every reminder
  • In the reminder email, customer gets a direct link through which he can submit his review
  • Enables admin to manually send review reminder email whenever he wants
  • If the customer has already submitted the review, no automatic or manual reminders can be sent further

  • Send a reminder email to your customer automatically to review a product
  • Customer gets a direct link in email to review the product
  • Schedule automatic sending of reminder email at a gap of specific days
  • Decide maximum number of reminders you want to send
  • Admin can choose to manually send reminder email
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