Amazon Removal Order in Odoo

This module is an addon of Odoo Amazon FBA Integration module, using this addon, you can manage your removal order directly from the Odoo.
NOTE: This app is an extension of Odoo Amazon FBA Integration App, It is not possible to use it separately.
Compatibility: Odoo Version : 12, 11, 10
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This addon provide following features.

  • Create removal order from Odoo to amazon.
  • Process Removal Order Status Report.

Configuration :

Unsellable Location :

In Amazon >> Configuration >> Amazon settings user can Unsellable location and removal warehouse.

Removal Warehouse :

In the configuration user need to configure Allow Create Removal Order In FBA? If this check mark is true then system will ask to configure removal warehouse.



Removal Order Types

There are two type of removal orders.

    • Return

In removal order process user can create removal order to return product from amazon warehouse to merchant warehouse.

User can return two type of products unsellable/sellable product stock.

If product is unsellable then system will transfer from amazon unsellable location to merchant warehouse scrap location.

If product is saleable then system will transfer from amazon stock location to merchant warehouse stock location.

System will select merchant warehouse based on configuration.

    • Disposal

In this case amazon will dispose products and in ERP system system will create internal transfer from amazon sellable /unsellable location to inventory loss.

If Product is sellable then system will transfer from amazon stock location to loss.

If product is unsellable then system will transfer from amazon unsellable location to loss.

Create Removal Order

User can create removal order from ERP to amazon or in amazon user can Setting up automatic removals.

To create removal order user need to enter following details.

Instance : Marketplace for which you would like to create removal.

Removal Disposition :Return / Dispose

Destination Warehouse :By default system will select removal warehouse based on instance configuration.

Shipping Address : If removal disposition is return then shipping address is required.

User can create removal order manually or import using csv file.

When user will create removal order then system will auto create removal order in amazon and change state to removal plan approved.




Process removal order report

In this process system will process removal order report.

In removal amazon is giving three states ( Completed,Pending,Cancelled)

If status is cancelled then system will cancel all those related moves and If status is Completed then system will transfer picking in odoo other wise system will just skip lines.

In the report if we are getting removal order reference which are not existing in ERP and auto created by amazon, then system will also create removal order and process in ERP system.




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