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Auctions have been in the picture since ages. Auctions are something that incite an action in the potential buyers and gets them to bid for the product on fair basis. The competition soars high because the bidders are well aware of the fact that the product will be sold in minimum time with best prices. Previously, the scenario was that a bidder needed to remain present the whole time while the auction was conducted but technology has made everyone's life easier. Any auction freak can set up an online auction store via eCommerce management website.



Magento doubtlessly surpasses the standards of every e-commerce platform but it does not facilitate all the functionalities. It lags behind when it comes to setting up online auction stores and fails to serve the purpose of it. Any e-commerce store owner expects a few customization options and maximum range of options to be offered to them, but as Magento does not provide all the options, we have gone a step further and developed a 'Real-time Auction' extension for Magento 2 in order to alleviate the situation for the online auction store owners.

What makes this extension different and effective is a real-time feature. Customers can get notified on a real-time basis on product page whenever a customer bids on an auction. This apprises them of anything that goes on the auction page. Also, admin gets the right to set a minimum bid price and administer multiple auctions simultaneously.



Setting an online auction store via Real-time auction extension for Magento 2 is quite user-friendly once the admin is intimated about the modus operandi of this extension. Real-time auction extension is an exceptional extension because of its way of operating. Admin is the king and admin rules this store. It facilitates the admin to direct multiple auctions simultaneously, set minimum bid price, set price gap between 2 bids, auto-extend the auction close time and the list goes on and on. So, in order to get acquainted with detailed features of this extension, EXPLORE!

Third-party Service Integration
Pusher provides real-time communication between servers, apps, and devices. Pusher is used to deliver real-time notifications to chat, gaming, web-page updates, IoT, and many other systems. When something event triggered in the system or web page, this application sends real-time notifications. For example, in this Extension when one person places the bid then, all other customer product page content automatically updates with the bid price data.

The extension uses 'Pusher' third party free service to show the real-time notification to the customers on the product page. If you do not configure the pusher with the extension, then your customers will not be able to get an automatic notification on the product page, and they need to refresh the page to check the new bids arrived. You can create an account here

Pusher offers a free plan with some specific number of connections. The extension can work with it. Still, if you want to have a large number of connections and messages, then you need to buy a paid plan. The pricing info goes here.

Real-time Auction
A customer gets real-time notifications on product page as soon as new bids get placed making the auction live
Manage Auto-Bid
The customers can set his utmost bid price by clicking Auto Bid button and it will be placed automatically
Supports Multiple Currency
The customers are able to change the currency from the front view and can easily bid on any products
Popcorn bidding
It auto extends the auction end time if some customer places a bid in the last specific minutes
Set Permission
The admin has rights to allow or restrict the customers or customer group to participate in the auction
Show All Bidders History
The admin can allow the customers to view the bid details of every other bidders if he wishes to
Multiple Auctions
The admin is able to conduct multiple autions and supervise them at the same time
Email notification
The customers get email notification on placing successful bid or when other customer places higher bid
Winner Announcement
The winner gets announced on product page and also gets notified via auto notification along with the other bidders
Manage Bid Price
The admin can set minimum bid price, reserved price, and minimum price gap between two particular bids
Auctioneers Bid Information
The customers can view the records of the past activities of their bids if they have ever placed
Add To Watchlist
The customers can monitor any of the auction other than ongoing auctions by adding them to watchlist
Real-time auctions

In this rapidly evolving world, customers want to be aware of all the changes concerning them. Real-time auction extension for Magento 2 provides a feature through which they receive real-time notifications on the product page as soon as new bid gets placed. This feature also makes the auction live inducing other customers to actively participate.

Real-time auctions
Manage Auto-Bid

Admin Oriented

In an auction, if the admin needs to provide their customers with an auto bid feature, then he can easily set it from the Store > Configuration > Emipro > Auction. In the 'Bid Configuration,' admin needs to set 'Auto Bid Allow' to YES; and auto bid button will get visible on the front-end.

Manage Auto-Bid

Customer Oriented

With this feature, customers can heave a sigh of relief as they do not need to set their eyes continuously on bidding. It provides customers with a significant auto-bidding feature. The customer can set the utmost bid price he is capable of paying by clicking Auto Bid button, and his bid will be placed automatically when some other user places a bid.

Supports Multiple Currency

If an admin conducts an auction online, undoubtedly bidders participate from different countries. And as it differs, the currency also varies. This variation can create inconvenience among the bidders. For example, if an admin is from Germany; the auctions' base currency would be in EURO. But the participants are from many countries around the world.

Now when participants from US bid in that auction; they first need to convert the currency and then bid accordingly. This is very time-consuming and also inconvenient for the customers.

To overcome this issue, a facility to make the store multi-currency supported is introduced. So, if the customers want, they can change the currency from the front view and can easily bid on any products.

Popcorn bidding

"Going, going and gone" is something so stimulating that it makes the customer want to bid even at the last moment. So, this extension provides a feature which extends the auction end time if some customer places a bid in the last minutes. If a bid comes up in last X minutes. auction ending time will increase by Y minutes.

Popcorn bidding
Set permission

As mentioned above, admin is the king. He gets rights to the extent that he can allow or restrict the customers to participate in a bid when needed.

Set permission
Show all bidders history

In an online auction, every participant is curious to know other bidder's bid amount. The extension covers this feature in a very reliable way. Even though participants will get to know that which bidder has placed the particular bid; he will not be able to identify whether the bid is manually placed or it's an Auto Bid. To view all bidders bidding history customer needs to go to My Account > My Bids. But the main key to this is an admin. If the admin does not allow, the details of other bidders will not be visible. To configure this functionality, an admin needs to set 'Show Bid History of all Bidders' option to YES in Store > Configuration > Emipro > Auction.

Show all bidders history
Multiple auctions at the same time

It is said that two is better than one, this extension is potent enough to let admin conduct more than one auction at the same time. Admin can direct multiple auctions and supervise it at the same time.

Multiple auctions at the same time
Set e-mail notifications

Keeping the customers updated about the latest activities repeatedly is a tedious task. This extension makes it easy for admin the task of notifying customers by setting up a custom template for different email notifications by selecting apt customers at the same time.

Set e-mail notifications
Email notification to bidders

An email notification is one of the easiest ways to notify bidders about the updates of latest bids. So, through this feature, customers can get notifies about his successful bid, the bid raised next to him, and when he wins the auction.

Email notification to bidders
Winner announcement

On the particular product page, the winner will be declared as soon as any customer wins the auction meeting all pricing conditions and the other bidders can view the winner information for that auction. Also, the winner gets notified via auto email notification along with other bidders.

Winner announcement
Manage bid price

An online auction is a win-win situation. Admin can set the minimum bid price i.e., the starting price of the auction and gain that price or more whereas customers can bid on the product and surpass other customers in order to win the auction. Reserve price, the minimum price which a seller wants to earn for the product in the auction, can also be set in this extension. If the highest bid amount is less than the reserve price, the auction gets terminated with no winner declared. Also, the admin can manage the minimum and maximum price gap between the two bids.

Manage bid price

  • Bid Information
  • This section facilitates admin to view the information regarding specific product's bid amount. Along with Bidders name, amount, date & time; admin can also identify the type of bid participants used for bidding. Obviously, an admin can view manually applied bid in this section. But what makes it unique is that admin can view that how many times and at what duration the auto bid of a particular bidder is applied. Admin can also determine when a particular bidder gets eliminated.

Auctioneers bid information

This extension records the past activities of the customer so customers can view the history of all the previous bids they placed if at all.

Auctioneers bid information
Add to watchlist

A customer might be interested in multiple options in order to monitor those from ongoing auctions. So, 'Add to watchlist' feature enables one to add those auctions to the watchlist and can view them accordingly.

Add to watchlist
Edit auction

Admin has full rights to view all the details of an auction. Along with the auction information, admin is allowed to view the bidding history; and type of bidding. He must know how many participants bid manually and how many bids through an Auto-Bid feature. Under Catalog > Real-Time Auction > Manage Auctions, admin is able to view all the auction related information.

  • Auction Information
  • Here admin needs to provide the product’s SKU or name he wants to sell in an auction. He also has to mention minimum bid price, auction title, start & end date, minimum price gap, and much other product-related information.

Edit auction

  • Auto Bid Information
  • Admin will get the information of the Auto-bid amount placed by a particular bidder. In this section, admin can only view the auto-bidders name, amount, date and time. Admin can only view the final amount of an auto-bidder; and not the gap when his bid is applied in an auction.

  • Add To Watchlist
Admin has all the rights to know that which of the customers are interested in his product. In the watchlist section, an admin will get the name and email id of the specific customer who has added products to their watchlist. So, admin can anytime remind that particular customer for that product.

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