Manage Sale Promotions in Odoo

Manage Sale Promotions in Odoo

Delight your customers and boost your sales by offering attractive coupons and promotional offers using Odoo Promotions.
Compatible with Odoo Version : 11, 10

Power Promotions with ease in Odoo

Customers love discount coupons! One of the most important Sales strategy is to incentivize hesitant shoppers with promotional offers so that they turn into your customers and your customers turn into your repeat customers. Using Odoo Promotions, you can easily manage offering attractive discount coupons to your customers. Using this application, you can customize discount offers in more ways than you can imagine!.
User-friendly, Attractive & delightful Interface.

How to Setup Promotion/offer in Odoo ?



Promotion Types

Highlighting Features

  • Set Promotion Duration by specifying start and end dates.
  • Set overall promotion budget and specify maximum discount amount per sale.
  • Auto Generate Promotion Codes or use your own code.
  • Set minimum order amount or quantity of items in an order for promotion to be applicable.
  • Set usage restrictions by configuring total number of times a coupon can be used and maximum number of times a customer can use a coupon.
  • Configure promotions to make them available for specific customers or customer groups.

Advance Promotion Configuration In Odoo


  • Promotion Product:  Promotion in Odoo will be assigned to at least one product. So here at Sales setting, you can set generic product which will be assigned by default to any promotion. Although you can manually select other product in Promotion in the case of Show Promotion Product option is selected in Sales Setting.

  • Product Category:  You can set specific Internal Category for any Promotion product that can be helpful for separating promotional expense to particular specific accounts. This category will be applied to all the promotional products.

  • Create Promotion:  By selecting this option, you will able to see “Promotion Product” menu under “Sales >> Promotion”. You can create Promotion kind of products here and set separate income & expense accounts in case of separating expense cost in Accounting. These Promotional products can be available to select in Promotion records.





Set Specific Duration in which Promo can be Applicable



Set Promotions to be Applicable for Specific Customer/Customer Groups



Set Promotions to be Applicable for Specific Geographical Area



BOGO Promotion Configuration



Promotion will be Calculated based on Other Promotion + Extra Condition



Create & Print Bar-code/PDF for Promotion



Share Promo Code with your Customers via email



Extend validity of promotion even after you have approved it!



Apply Promotion Code In Quotation



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