Progressive Web App (PWA) For Magento 2

Powerful and lightning fast Progressive Web App with best features of the website and mobile application to enhance your customer engagement and drive traffic.
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Version: 1.0.1
Compatibility: CE 2.1.* - 2.3.* EE 2.1.* - 2.3.*
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Progressive Web App for Magento 2 is a perfect blend of the best features of the website as well as mobile application. Because it is an amalgamation, it possesses the best of both. PWA generates from a browser and creates an icon of that application on home-screen if the customer permits. This app allows you to send the notifications to the users even when the users are not using the browser.

Third-party Service Integration

The extension uses 'Firebase' third-party service to send the notifications. If you do not configure this, the push notifications can not be sent. Firebase offers a free plan with some specific number of notifications. The extension can work with it. Still, if you want to send a large number of notifications, then you need to buy a paid plan. The pricing info goes here.

The account does not get created with the extension installation. You can create an account here: Google Firebase. In the account, you can find the 'server key' and 'sender id' which you need to configure in the extension.

  • PWA is responsive and reliable like a native app.
  • This app has all the required features which are similar to the native app.
  • Customers can add the icon of PWA to the home screen.
  • Customers do not require an app store to download this app. It launches and works instantly once the customers add it to their home screen.
  • You can send engaging push notifications to the customers and drive more traffic.
  • The management of this app is easy and there are minimum maintenance costs.
  • The app can load the cached pages even without the internet connection.
  • The admin can send notification to the particular store view subscribers.
Similar to Native Apps

Like any native app, PWA starts instantly. Once the customer comes to your page, the ‘Add to home screen’ option pops up and all the customer has to do is to press YES to add the shortcut icon. It is similar to a native app, just with more advantages.

Similar to Native Apps
Send Push Notifications

With this extension, you can send an engaging push notification to your customers. Frame a right message for your customers and send it at a right time in order to enhance the engagement and drive quality traffic and hence boost conversions. You can send the notifications to the customers on their browser even if they have not added the app to their home screen. You can keep your customers updated with the latest offers and products of your store even if they are not using the browser.

Send Push Notifications
Easy and Automatic Updates

Once you install the PWA for Magento, that is the first and last task you have to do. Any changes or updations on the website, later on, will be auto-updated on your PWA instantly without you having to go through any hassles of updating it.

Launches Quickly Unconcerned Of Internet Connection

As an admin, you do not need to go through processes to get your PWA published and customers do not have to download your app from the store. All they have to do is to add it to their home screen. The best part is that the cached pages will get loaded in the app even without the internet connection. So, the pages that the user have opened up at least once while having the internet connection will be stored in the device’s cache memory so that it can be easily loaded in poor or no internet connection.

Launches Quickly Unconcerned Of Internet Connection
Easy Management and Less Maintenance Cost

With PWA, it becomes easy for an admin to manage and change the application name, upload and change the application icon, set the splash background color of the PWA, and the theme color of the PWA. Apart from that, in case of any changes made on the website, PWA gets updated automatically if the admin has the extension installed. Admin does not have to incur any extra costs to maintain the app individually.

The browser pop-up that prompts the user to create a shortcut will be sent based on the below three criteria:
  • For App icons sizes, you can add any dimensions as per the need, but it must include a 192px and a 512px sizes in that field.
  • Display Type must be one of Minimal UI, Standalone App, Fullscreen App
  • The site URL must have the HTTPS certificate. The pop-up notification cannot be sent over the HTTP website.
  • The extension does not support iOS.

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