Product Stock Notification for Magento 2

Product Stock Notification for Magento 2
Allow your customers to subscribe to product stock notification and notify them automatically by email when the product is back in stock.
Version: 1.0.0
Compatibility: Community 2.1.* - 2.2.*
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When a customer wishes to purchase a product but finds it to be out of stock, then he has to wait until the product gets back in stock. But how will the customer know when the product is back in stock without frequently checking the product page. And above that, how will the store-owner know which out of stock products are demanded by the customers. ‘Product Stock Notification’ extension is here to solve this problem. Get your customers to subscribe to product stock notification, and they will get notified when the product they want is back in stock.



Admin can set 'Product Stock Notification' from the Store > Configuration. If it's valued YES, then the customer will be able to subscribe to product stock notification. When a user visits a product page and finds the product out of stock, he can enter his email address and click on ‘Notify Me’ to subscribe for product stock notification. The notification email will be sent automatically to the subscriber when the product is back in stock.



Admin can also manually sent an email to particular or all the subscriber. Under the Products > Product Stock Notification, admin can view the list of the subscribers. From there, admin can delete any subscriber if he wishes to. Or he can notify them back with an email. The subscriber's email will be removed from the particular products notification list once he gets informed.




Extension Settings
Product Subscribers Grid
Notify Me
Email Template
Customer Oriented
  • Customer subscribes to get notified via email when out of stock product is back in stock.
Admin Oriented
  • Admin can delete the customer from the subscription list.
  • Admin can send product stock notification email manually to single/multiple subscribers.
  • Admin will get a list of subscribed customers who want a particular product.
  • A notification email is automatically sent to those customers when the product is back in stock
  • Admin can manually choose to delete subscribed customers or send email notifications just to specific customers
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