Product Promotional Label For Magento 2

Display label with a different background colour/image at a specific position, along with the discount percentage on the category and product pages.
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Version: 1.0.2
Compatibility: CE 2.1.* - 2.3.* EE 2.1.* - 2.3.*
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'Product Promotional Label' extension helps you to highlight your products by using visual labels. These labels are easily editable and configurable. The extension will help you to improve the conversion rate and boost the sales of your eCommerce store. It will grab the attention of more customers & increase your sales. It helps your customer's find out what's new or products on sale.



The extension will help admin to show different informative labels on their products. Admin can set different rules. These labels and custom text will be visible on the product & category page. Admin can set an image as a label; he will have an option to choose a new, a custom or a discount label. Admin can set the outlook and position of the label. There is no hassle of managing as all of them are manageable from a single place.



To set a label for the new product, an admin needs to mention 'Set Product As New From' date option in a particular product. Then go to Marketing > Product Promotional Label, and you can add a new rule. In that under 'Label Display Settings,' you can set values that will get displayed on the label. 'Rule Name' must be set appropriately for the type of label. You can set 'Position' and 'Label Type' as per the need. You can choose 'Font Color' from the color picker. You can set the text of a label from 'Label Text.' You can also set background type, width, and height of the label. After enabling the status, it will get visible on the front-end.

To set label for the new product, mentioning 'To' date is optional.



The extension provides nine positions for the label. Admin can select it as per his need. And accordingly, it will appear on the front-end. For various label types, admin is allowed to choose the different position.



Admin can create any of label from the product, discount or custom label. 'New Product Label' type is used to label your product as new. 'Discount Label' is used when you want to show a discount on your products. 'Custom Label' is used to create any label of your requirements. Admin can set different label color for discount labels to differentiate discount percentage (%). The discount(%) labels will only be displayed if admin provides the special price of the product. The discount(%) will get calculated by the difference between the actual and the special rate. Accordingly, the discount label will be visible on the products.



Whether you want to promote a new product or expand your marketing efforts, create custom promotional labels that speak to your target audience to boost your sales. Make your products stand out with custom labels, printed stickers and quality packaging from Lightning Labels. Display label with a different background color/image at a specific position, discount percentage with the custom font on the category and product pages.

If the cache is enabled and 'Product Promotional Label' is set, and it might not be visible on catalog page then, the admin has to flush the cache, then it will get visible on the catalog page.

  • Supports an unlimited number of labels.
  • Manage your label in one spot.
  • Manage the label position
  • Select up to 9 position for a label.
  • Create a new product label and discount label.
  • Also able to create the custom label.
  • Choose the different color for a label.
  • Choose different font-color for a label.
  • Create a discount label for different discount percentage(%) range.
  • To add Label on specific product, you can set conditions are based on existing attribute values.
  • Display label at appropriate spot according to requirement whether it can be on category or product page.
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