Product Image Flipper For Magento 2

Product Image Flipper For Magento 2

Flips the main image of the product in distinct ways.
Version 1.0.0
10 Purchases
Compatible with Community 2.0.* - 2.2.*



Magento provides most of the basic functionalities which an eCommerce store requires, but some required functionalities are not covered by default, which creates a clampdown for a site owner. So there should be new things which attract the customers towards the store. On basis of observation and analysis, it is found that default Magento does not provide the product image flipper functionality. To make the eCommerce store more attractive Emipro Technologies has developed the extension Product Image Flipper For Magento 2.

How it works?

Product Image Flipper For Magento 2 is designed to flip the product(s) images in a distinct way.

The base image of the product can be flipped in catalog page and wherever the alternative products (up-sell, cross-sell & related products) are rendered.

According to the suitability of the admin, the admin can set the role for an image, that which image will flip and how differently it will flip.

  • While editing a product, admin can select which product image will be flipper image. It can be set from the image role.
  • The different types of image flippers are:
  •             -None
  • If the site is having the custom theme, then admin can set its own Container Class Name and Image Class Name. Those class names can be detected through the functionality of inspect element from the browser.
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