Product EAN13 Management

Auto generate EAN13, manage multiple EAN13 & Search any product by secondary EAN for a product in Odoo.
Note: Auto generate EAN13 & manage multiple EAN13 for a product.
Compatibility: Odoo Version : 12, 11, 10, 9, 8
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Auto generate EAN13 & manage multiple EAN13 for a product.
Multi EAN support for a product

By installing this module, in product variant screen you will able to add multiple EAN for a product under Sales tab. Here you will find a button "Generate EAN Code". Clicking on that, you can generate EAN manually anytime. In case of multiple EAN of a product, lowest sequence EAN no. will be considered as Main EAN for a product. You can't modify main EAN inside the product. Just change the sequence inside multi EAN section, and lowest sequence will be set as main EAN for that product automatically.



Auto EAN creation setting as per company wise

In company screen, under "Configuration" tab, you will find a setting called "Allow to generate barcode at Product creation time". By selecting that option, when you create a product, system will create 13 digit EAN no. automatically.



EAN No. as per Sequence

You can configure your own 7 digit prefix for Product EAN. The system will add another 5 digit from sequence auto increment no and last 13th digit will be calculated from the system in order to make that EAN as a valid number.


Create EAN for multi Products in single click

You can select multiple products in menu Sales >> Products >> Product Variants and create EAN for all those products in single click.


Create EAN for multi Categories in single click

You can select multiple categories in menu Sales >> Configuration >> Product Categories & Attributes >> Product Categories and create EAN for all products which are belongs to those selected categories in single click.


Unique EAN in products

You can't define duplicate EAN for a product in system. System will raise an error once found duplicate EAN in product.


Search product by secondary EAN

In case of multi EAN for products, you can still apply search on products by secondary EAN which is not define as a main EAN.



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