Order Notification By SMS For Magento 2

Send SMS notifications to the customers for different order status. It supports any SMS sender gateway in the world.
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Version: 1.0.3
Compatibility: CE 2.1.* - 2.3.* EE 2.1.*-2.3.*
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One of the essential features of Magento is to update their customers through an email for their order status. However, it could be inconvenient for any customer to check their email regularly. So to supplement Magento's feature, we came up with 'Order Notification By SMS For Magento 2' extension. The extension provides the admin with a way to reach out to their customers and notify them of their order status through the SMS notification.

The extension helps store owner to send order update notification to the customers at different order events through mobile SMS. The admin can even customise SMS text as per the requirements. The users can get SMS notifications on the various order status which include order confirmation, invoice creation, order shipment, credit memo creation, and order cancelled.

The admin is also enabled to configure the events for a particular store view. Along with this it also facilitates the admin to send SMS to multiple selected customers or any specific customer.

Instant notification

Send automatic SMS notifications for order status update to your customers.

Tailored configuration

Admin can customize SMS text for different order status update.

Tailored configuration

Activation and deactivation of sending SMS on particular order status update.

Real world communication

The mobile number associated with billing address will be used to send SMS.

World's SMS gateway API

Extension can send SMS via world's any SMS sender gateway.

World's SMS gateway API
Test SMS

Test SMS gateway configuration by sending test SMS.

Test SMS
SMS for particular event

Admin can send SMS for any particular order.

SMS for particular event
Distinct way of sending SMS

Admin can send SMS to any particular customer. Admin can also send SMS to multiple selected customers.

Distinct way of sending SMS
Log records

Admin can view sent SMS log.

Different language content for different stores

Configure different SMS content for the different store and can also enable or disable SMS notifications for particular stores.

SMS can be sent by any SMS sender gateway API of the world.
You need to purchase convenient SMS sender gateway based on your location. We will do free customization to send SMS via your selected SMS sender API.
Famous SMS Sender Gateway

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