Online Bank Synchronization using Plaid

Using this App you can sync your bank feeds with Odoo using
Compatibility: Odoo Version : 12, 11
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It is crucial but necessary to maintain accounting bank balance as per bank statement. To do this in the regular time interval is time-consuming process. Most of the accounting person spend lots of time to record bank statement and its transaction into Odoo. This App(Odoo Paid Integration) reduces unnecessary time consumption on recording bank statement. It will import your bank transactions to Odoo and will create bank statement at regular time interval i.e every hour.

  • Integrate Plaid with Odoo
  • Import your Bank Statements Automatically or Manually using Plaid.
  • Update Your Bank Credentials Using Plaid.
  • Synchronize Bank Statements From Invoicing Dashboard of Odoo.
  • Use Multiple Plaid Environment Like, SandBox, Development and Production.

SandBox: Use test credentials and account data to build out and test your Plaid integration.

Development: Test your Plaid integration with real credentials and account data for up to 100 Items.

Production: Connect unlimited bank accounts and access our full range of products all requests are billed.

How to setup Plaid?

  • Create an account in Plaid
  • Configure Plaid Account Credentials in Odoo
  • Configure Plaid Account in Journal
  • Select the Appropriate Plaid Account in the Journal
  • Sync Manually from Invoicing Dashboard

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