Odoo Shipwire Connector

Odoo Shipwire Connector

Odoo Shipwire Connector helps you connect your Shipwire Account with Odoo to perform various bi-directional operations between Odoo and Shipwire
Compatible with Odoo Version :11
Shipwire enhances and unifies shipping activities of a business on one centralized platform via global warehouse network. It acts as a middleman for shipping your products, just a better version. Odoo shipwire connector integrates & manages your Shipwire Account operations from Odoo. All you need to do is update your details on odoo and shipwire gets auto-updated saving your time and efforts. The best part is it terminates the possibilities of errors which could have existed in case of manual entries. This connector provides smooth and seamless integration of Shipwire Platform with Odoo relieving businessman of this distressing task of shipping.

Synchronize Product
Import and Export Products and update Product data between Odoo and Shipwire.
Import Stock
Import stock from Shipwire to Odoo in order to keep the details of stock updated.
Import Warehouse
Synchronize Shipwire warehouse with an Odoo Warehouse to manage inventory.
Export Delivery Orders
Export delivery orders from Odoo to Shipwire to submit information to Shipwire.
Check Order Status
Check the order status of the products being shipped in order to keep a track of activities.
Cancel Order
Cancel order from Odoo to Shipwire in case of any errors and keep a record of the same by syncing details.
Set Automatic Jobs
Perform critical operations automatically at definite time intervals with manual intervention.
Track Process Log
Track process log and acquire the details of unsuccessful operations between Shipwire and Odoo.

How to setup Odoo Shipwire Connector?


Odoo to Shipwire - Export Operations

  • Export Products and Product Variants
  • Export Product Price
  • Export Delivery Orders
  • Cancel Order
  • Check Order Status of Exported Orders

Shipwire to Odoo - Import Operations

  • Import or Synchronize Product and its variants with Price
  • Import Product Stock
  • Synchronize Shipwire Warehouse with Odoo Warehouse

Automatic Jobs



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