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Odoo SEO suite helps you automate all the basic on-page SEO aspects of you odoo eCommerce store. From solving duplicate content issues to advanced SEO templates.
Compatibility: Odoo Version : 12, 11
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Odoo SEO extension- The most powerful SEO Extension for odoo helps you automate all nitty gritty aspects of your odoo store. Solve duplicate content issues by using dynamic template. Create Multiple templates for product, category as well result of layered navigation. Odoo SEO extension is like you own personal SEO specialist bot helps you to drive more traffic!.
Slove Duplicate Content issues
Our SEO app helps you make unique discriptions for every page there by sloving duplicate content issues.
Automate on-page aspects of your store
With the dynamic templates, each and every aspect of your Odoo store can be automated.
Create dynamic templates
It lets you add powerfull unique content on every page within a few clicks.
Use attribute as a variable
You can use different product and category attributes to form a unique content for the page.
Set dynamic image ALT text
SEO templates help you form image ALT text automatically with attributes.
Set Additional Description
Don't miss out the additional keywords you want to rank for.
Restrict Meta information limits
Google does not allow longer meta descriptions to be visible in the search engines.
Set condition while applying templates
Select Procuct/Category where template will be apply.
SEO Template List



SEO template for product

You can set meta information for selected product by applying condition OR for all products. You can also set Product image ALT text also.

  • Set dynamic meta details on every product category page.
  • You can use variable for dynamic data set. E.g Buy from at cheap price. Free delivery above 30$.
  • Set dynamic Image ALT text with just one field.
  • Content is always king. This app lets you set additional SEO description and you can also define place to set SEO description.
  • A handy list of dynamic attributes to choose from.
  • Option to set condition while applying template if you want to apply template for specific products/category OR you want to set template for whole product /category.


Add Product Description



Apply Condition



SEO Template For Category

You can set meta information for a particular category page OR all category page by applying condition.

  • Add additional description dynamically to the categories. Apply it for one or for all. You also get to decide where to show it. On the top or below the Category.
  • You can also set dynamic variable for e.g Buy Mobile Phones Online at [var store_name] India In today’s age of technology and instant connectivity, mobile phones have gained widespread acceptance regardless of what part of the globe you are located in. Apart from basic functions such as calling and text messaging, mobile phones are getting increasingly versatile by providing quality access to photography, music, navigation and much more. At [var store_name] India, you can shop from a great selection of [var category_name] products ranging from [var category_parent_name], budget mobiles, feature phones and more.
  • Automate meta information for category pages.
  • Set the maximum string length for meta title and meta description.


Result Of Layered Navigation Template

You can create SEO template for filtered category page. Suppose when a user filters the category page then it will change the meta information.

For e.g. Buy [var category_name] products online. Range starting from the $[var category_lowprice] at [var store_name]. Free shipping an order above $40. Buy it now.

So you can use this type of template for result of layered navigation page.



Set Limits of Meta inforamtion

User can set Meta title length, We set recommended length for meta title as well meta description. If user will set low value then it will consider recommended value.



Applied Product Template on Product Page



Applied Category Template Category Page



Applied Result of Layered Navigation Template On Filtered Page



All these fields are necessary to optimize your on-page things and you can set all these things by creating a simple template using our FREE SEO suite extension for Odoo.

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