Odoo Cdiscount Connector

Odoo Cdiscount Connector helps you connect your Cdiscount Marketplace seller account with Odoo to perform various bi-directional operations between both the systems.
Compatibility: Odoo Version : 11, 10, 9, 8
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Cdiscount is a famous French eCommerce marketplace which allows professional sellers to sell new and used products to the customers in the European market. When your Cdiscount sales starts to grow, it becomes difficult to manage your business operations. Odoo Cdiscount Connector helps you in integrating your Cdiscount marketplace store with Odoo and thereby brings efficiency to your inventory and order management. Take your online business to a new level with the help of Odoo Cdiscount Integration.
Odoo Cdiscount Connector
Integrate Cdiscount and Odoo to manage your Seller Account on Cdiscount Marketplace from Odoo.
Track Mismatch Log
Track the mismatch details of unsuccessful operations and correct them.
Manage Orders
Import orders from Cdiscount to Odoo, Update order status from Odoo to Cdiscount.
Manage Products & Offers
Export products from Odoo to Cdiscount along with product information, price and image. Create offers in Odoo and export them to Cdiscount.
Update Stock Level
Update stock level of products from Odoo to Cdiscount.
Import Brands
Import various brands of products which are available on Cdiscount and assign them to products in Odoo.
Download Global Products
Select Cdiscount product category to download and view global product information.
Set Automatic Jobs
Set automatic jobs to perform vital Odoo Cdiscount operations.
How to setup Odoo Cdiscount Connector?



Odoo to Cdiscount - Export Operations

  • Export Products
  • Export Product Price and Stock levels
  • Export Product Description and Product Images via URL
  • Create Offer templates and Export Offers
  • Update Price and Stock levels
  • Update Order Status
  • Cancel Orders

Odoo to Cdiscount - Export Operations
Cdiscount to Odoo - Import Operations

  • Import Products and Product Brands
  • Import Product Categories and assign them to products in Odoo
  • Import Product images
  • Download and view global products based on product categories
  • Import Unshipped Fulfilment by Merchant Orders
  • Import Shipped Fulfilment by Cdiscount Orders

Cdiscount to Odoo - Import Operations
Automatic Jobs


NOTE: Some of the features of the connector may vary in lower Odoo versions. Kindly contact our Customer Support to know more about it.

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