Odoo bol.com connector

Odoo bol.com connector

Odoo bol.com integration helps to manage key operations of bol.com efficiently from Odoo.
Compatible with Odoo Version : 11, 10
Bol.com is the leading marketplace in the Netherlands for books, toys & electronics. For any bol.com seller, as their business grows, it will be very difficult for them to manage key business operations. Odoo bol.com integration allows sellers to integrate bol.com marketplace to Odoo & perform most of the vital business operations in efficient way.
Synchronize Products
Import, export & update products & product details between Odoo & bol.com
Import Orders
Import FBR & FBB orders placed by customers on bol.com
Import FBB Shipment Details
Create orders & process deliver orders by import shipment details of FBB orders from bol.com
Update Shipment Information
Update shipment information of FBR orders from Odoo to bol.com
Manage Order Returns
Import open FBR return orders request from bol.com in Odoo & handle it
Manage Inbound Shipments
Create Inbound shipment on bol.com & get shipping labels, product labels & packaging list from bol.com
Update Product Stock & Price
Update stock & price of products either automatically or manually from Odoo to bol.com
Set Automatic Jobs
Set automatic jobs to perform key operations automatically
bol.com to Odoo Import Operations

  • Import Products & product details

  • Import FBB & FBR Orders

  • Import FBM Order Return Request

  • Import Transport details of FBB

  • Import FBB product stock & do adjustment if needed

  • Get Shipping Labels, Product Labels & Packaging List of Bol.com Inbound shipment in Odoo

Odoo to bol.com Export Operations

  • Export new products & product details

  • Update FBM Order Shipment details to Bol.com

  • Create Inbound Shipment

  • Export actions taken such as Repaired, Exchanged, Customer Received etc.. for FBM Order Returns from Odoo to Bol.com

Automatic Jobs



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