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Manage Product Review & Ratings in Website Shop. Get Average Rating and No of reviews link at the top of product detail page in shop as well as category page.
Note: Manage Product review and ratings in website Shop
Compatibility: Odoo Version 8.0
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Manage Product review and ratings in website Shop
Product rating display at top of product detail page in shop

You will able to see Avg. Rating and No. of reviews link at the top of product detail page in shop. By clicking on that you will redirect to reviews list.

Beautiful design of product reviews

In this section, you can see reviews details with Reviewer name, Rating, Date, Short & Long Description.

Submit your reviews

User can submit their review only when they are logged in. If the user is not logged in, then the system will provide link to login page and once after login user will straight away redirected to the product page.

Publish/Unpublish product reviews

You can publish/unpublish reviews from front end website page. For that you must be logged in as Administrator.

Rating info at Webshop Home Page

Product ratings will displayed to main home page in website.

Manage Product ratings from backend

You can see Product rating info at backend too. To view them at backend, open any product & you will see a shortcut "Rating" at top right side of screen. By clicking on it, you will redirect to list of reviews given from frontend webshop. Here you can manually publish/unpublish reviews.

Product Review detail at backend

Clicking any record from list, you will see review related information in detail. You can edit the review by clicking on "Edit" button.

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