Odoo Project Work eMail Notification

Make your customer aware about your routine project activities by notify them regularly with daily, weekly & monthly report of project work summary via email.
Note: Notify your customers with daily, weekly & monthly report of project work summary via email
Compatibility: Odoo Version 8.0
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For the kind of service provider company it is essential to send regular notifications of their work which is undergoing behind the scenes. Regular notification about project work keeps transparency and loyalty between customer and service providers. By a regular work summary report from a service provider company, customer can aware about the current & the latest status about their project. That will help them to define next milestone of their project. With our module you can configure to send daily, weekly & monthly work summary email reports to your customers. That will make your customer aware about your routine project activities.
Customer wise Email notification settings

By installing this module, in customer screen you will find a new tab called "Email Preferences". In there you will find 3 options, you can select one or all. By selecting any option and if that customer is assigned to any project, then customer will receive email notification according to the option selected as per email preferences. Please make sure the email address is specified & 'opt-out' option is unchecked in that customer record.

Activate the schedule actions for email notifications

After our module installation, there will be 3 separate schedule actions for daily, weekly & monthly work report email notifications. Please make sure to set the right time for their execution. You will find those automatic jobs under menu Settings >> Technical >> Automation >> Scheduled Actions.

Configure email notification body as per your preference

You will find separate email templates for Daily, Weekly & Monthly email notifications under menu Settings >> Technical >> Email >> Templates. You can change the email body as per your preference. However, we have already given default email body. Here you will see one example of Monthly email notification template.

Daily work summary email notification report

Due to possibility of daily work summary is less, we included that in the email body itself. So for a daily work summary, customers don't need to open the PDF file to view it. They can directly see work summary in email body. Here you can see how the daily work summary looks in email body. You will see all necessary information like Task, work, time spent, responsible person who performed the work & the current stage of the task. If the customer is associated with more than one project then also in one email, all project's information will be grouped.

Weekly work summary email notification report

Weekly work summary email notification will be inside separate report. Here you can see example of how PDF report will look like.

Monthly work summary email notification report

Here you can see an example of Monthly work summary report email. As per schedule action, system will automatically calculate all task work during the current month, group all the projects and their individual task summaries for a particular customer and send it to them via email.

Track work summary report history under Messaging area

Whenever the system sends an email about work summary report from ERP system, that history will be added over the messaging area in its related customer screen. So it will be useful for you to track reports which are successfully sent to your customers.

Get alias details inside the notification reports

If you are managing task creation from incoming email then it will be useful to show alias details to your customers in the report. So that customer can send their requirements to that email address and that will make an automatic task inside ERP. In order to send alias information in notification reports, you need to select option "Alias details in the report?" inside project screen. Please make sure that you have set "Alias Domain" under General settings. Otherwise, this option will not be visible.

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