Odoo WooCommerce Connector

Odoo Woocommerce Connector helps you automate your vital business processes at Odoo by enabling bi-directional data exchange between WooCommerce & Odoo.
Note: Integrate & Manage your WooCommerce operations from Odoo.
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Compatibility: Odoo Version : 12, 11, 10, 9, 8
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WooCommerce is a free eCommerce plugin provided by WordPress that allows you to create an online store and sell anything conveniently. If you use Odoo to manage your backend operations along with having a WooCommerce store, Odoo WooCommerce Integration becomes absolutely vital for you. Odoo WooCommerce Connector will help you integrate and manage your WooCommerce store in Odoo. Perform various operations like Importing Orders and Customer Data, Updating Inventory, Updating Order Status, Importing & Exporting Products, Product Categories, Product tags & Coupons and much more. Automate various vital tasks like Order Import, Order Status Update & Stock Update to ease your work.

Odoo WooCommerce Integration
Integrate Odoo and WooCommerce and manage your store from Odoo.
Track Mismatch Log
Find out the reasons of unsuccessful operations in Mismatch Log.
Import Orders
Import orders placed by customers on WooCommerce store to Odoo.
Update Stock Level
Update stock level of products from Odoo to WooCommerce.
Import Customer Data
Obtain all the details of your Customers in Odoo.
Set Automatic Jobs
Set automatic jobs to perform various vital Odoo WooCommerce Operations.
Synchronize Products
Import and Export Products & Product Details between Odoo and WooCommerce.
Update Order Status
Process and Fulfill orders in Odoo and update order status to WooCommerce.
How to set up Odoo WooCommerce Connector?
Export Operations - Odoo to WooCommerce

  • Export Products and Update them after exporting
  • Create and export product categories, tags & coupons and update them when required
  • Update Product Price, Product Stock Level & Product Images
  • Publish or Unpublish Products to WooCommerce Store from Odoo
  • Update Order Status of completed orders
  • Cancel Order and Manage Refund



Import Operations - WooCommerce to Odoo

  • Import or Sync Products
  • Import Product Stock levels
  • Import Product categories, tags & coupons
  • Import Orders & Customer Data

Other Operations

  • Track Mismatch Log
  • Set Automatic Jobs
  • Generate Sales Report



NOTE: Some of the features of the connector may vary in lower Odoo versions. Kindly contact our Customer Support to know more about it.

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