Odoo Amazon FBA Integration v10

Odoo Amazon FBA Integration helps you integrate & manage your Amazon FBA operations from Odoo. Connect Amazon with Odoo with this app and boost your Amazon Sales.
NOTE: It is possible to use this app along with Odoo Amazon Connector and not separately. Category : E-commerce
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Compatible with Version 10.0

Using Amazon’s FBA services is a go to choice for many Amazon Sellers because it takes off the burden of having their own warehouse and shipping products themselves. Amazon takes care of it all. Let Amazon take care of your shipping and let Odoo take care of managing your FBA services using Odoo Amazon FBA Integration app. With this app, you will be able to manage various operations of Amazon’s FBA services in Odoo like Importing FBA Sales Order, Managing Invoices, Multi-channel Fulfillment, Inbound Shipping & much more. You will require Odoo Amazon Connector to use this app.


Amazon FBA Odoo Integration
Integrate Amazon FBA and Odoo to manage your Amazon FBA services from Odoo.
Handle Inbound Shipments
Create Shipment Plan, Add products to shipment in Odoo and submit it to Amazon.
Manage Orders (Amazon FBA)
Import pending orders & shipped orders from Amazon to Odoo.
Manage Customer Returns
Import customer return reports, validate incoming shipment and create credit notes.
Manage Products
Switch handling of products from FBM to FBA.
Manage Multi Channel Fulfillment
Prepare & Manage Outbound Orders in Odoo for Amazon’s Multi Channel Fulfillment services.
Reconcile Settlement Report
Download and reconcile your Amazon Settlement Reports in Odoo.
Set Automatic Jobs
Set automatic jobs to perform vital Odoo Amazon operations.


  • Manage Amazon FBA Sales Order and view them separately from FBM orders.
  • Manage Customer Returns by importing customer return report automatically or manually. Validate & process incoming shipment.
  • Handle FBA invoices, validate and process the invoice automatically and email the invoice to customer.
  • Manage Amazon’s Multi Channel Fulfillment service from Odoo. Create & prepare outbound orders and fulfill them along with updating fulfillment status from Odoo to Amazon.
  • Change product fulfillment from FBM to FBA.
  • Send Inbound Shipments from Odoo to Amazon. Create a shipment plan, add products to it with appropriate quantity and submit the shipment plan to Amazon.
  • Update shipment information for Inbount shipment and Create and Print Package/Pellet labels.
  • Manage Amazon Partnered/ Non-partnered Carriers for inbound shipments to Amazon.
  • Track status of inbound shipments.
  • Download Shipment Reports from Amazon to Odoo and process them in Odoo.
  • Download, Process & Reconcile Amazon Settlement Report in Odoo.
  • Generate comprehensive Amazon FBA Sales Analysis Reports.

Automatic Jobs

  • Send Invoice via email
  • Import & Process Settlement Report
  • Import & Process Shipment Report
  • Import & Process Customer Returns
  • Import pending FBA orders
  • Check cancelled FBA orders in Amazon
  • Import Inbound Shipment Item Status
  • Update Small Parcel Tracking
  • Import & Validate FBA stock














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4Customer Review(s)

Good software helpful service
Review by Thomas (Posted on 5/8/2017)
The Amazon connector does what it should. It works well with our system.
The support was outstanding and helped us with all minor issues about the configuration very fast. Doesnt matter when we contacted them the replied always in short time and solved all issues immediately.
Great module and great support!
Review by Sergej (Posted on 4/19/2017)
The module integrates very well into Odoo and works reliable. Some smaller issues were solved very quick by Emipro's support team. Thank you, guys!
Review by Slade Wilson (Posted on 8/31/2016)
So Cost effective module in Odoo... It could be of at least 1000 USD. Great reward of invested money!
Great Module, Great Support!
Review by Wilson (Posted on 8/5/2016)
We're glad that we choosed this module, it's very easy to set up and use. Out of box it supports almost all general functions you need to operate your Amazon selling business. And if you need customerization, Emipro Technologies delivers quick work with reasonable price. We're impressed with their great support and would like to work with them in the future.

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