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Convert your Magento store into Multi-Seller Marketplace with lots of customized features for admin and seller.
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Version: 1.1.2
Compatibility: CE 1.6.x - 1.9.x
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Magento is on top as open-source eCommerce framework. There are a lot of medium and big businesses who are using Magento community edition to build their online store. There are also a lot of small businessman who are having the dream to build their online business but can not do it because of the cost and time involved in developing and maintaining a Magento store.

It is a fact that numbers of small business are much higher than number of medium and big businesses. So how can small businesses achieve their dream to make an online store? They depend on an online marketplace to grow their business online. Online marketplaces are much more popular among customers and offers advantages to small sellers which they can not achieve by having their own store. A small seller will just have to upload his product and rest will be taken care by the marketplace.

How extension will work?

Using this extension, multiple sellers can easily sell their products on an online Magento store. A seller will be able to use the facilities starting from uploading products, manage orders, manage products, manage product promotion, manage product shipping charge, balance statement and many more. Store owner will be able to control products, orders and transaction. He will have total control over the functioning of the marketplace.

We have covered almost basic functionality which are required for Marketplace. It might happen that you will need some more customizations/features, we can develop that for you. We want to assure that we provide you 100% perfect solution for your requirements with transparent price.

Create & Manage Seller Account easily
A seller can quickly register and manage profile with Store name, logo, banner, address, website links etc
Seller Specific URL
Seller gets a separate webpage like a micro-site. (
Low Stock Notification
Seller gets a email notification when the products are low in stock
Product Management
Seller can upload bulk products, assign category, create promotions and import & export products
Multiple Product Types
Supports multiple product types: Simple, Configurable, Bundle, Grouped, Downloadable, Virtual
Catalog Promotion
Set catalog promotion, create promotion rules and apply discount by percentage of the original price or fixed amount
Flexible Shipping fees
Set customised shipping fees or free shipping for selected products
Customize Seller page
Seller can choose which products to display on seller page and where to display it
Multi Language & Currency Support
Supports multiple languages and currencies of different countries
Sell Existing Product
Sell any existing product which is created by any other seller in marketplace
Seller Dashboard
Sellers have their own dashboard that shows their total sales, daily sales, credit etc.
Verify Seller Account
Verify seller account to approve or block a seller & manage seller profile and store information
View Sales Report
View seller’s product sales report and check seller account balance statement
Manage Commision
Set fixed or percentage type commision for seller & manage category based commision
Customer Support
Customer can contact seller to ask any question regarding their product
Support Ticket System
Support Ticket System to connect with admin for support
Multiple Seller Product
Customer can view list of multiple sellers for a particular product
Order Management
Manage orders, create invoice, track shipment, print packing slip & handle refunds
Seller Panel Color Scheme
Admin can change color scheme of seller panel
Bulk Product Import
Seller can import bulk products with images
Automatic Seller Payout
Automatically transfer payments to seller account at specific intervals
Balance Statement
Check balance statement and send request to withdraw money from account
Seller Features
Registration & Manage Profile
  • Anyone can do quick registration by filling Seller Registration Form on front-end
  • Email verification facility for seller account
  • Notification by email when seller’s account is approved by marketplace administrator
  • Manage profile with store name, logo, banner, address, shop description, social website account links, etc.
  • Separate page in front-end like micro-site (Eg.,
  • Particular seller product listing page
  • Seller can login with email for seller panel (v1.1.0)
  • Seller can sell existing product which is already available with other sellers on shop. By this way seller don't need to upload some common product details (v1.1.2)
  • Low Stock Notification: Seller will get notification email when the product is left with specific quantity (v1.1.2)
  • Seller can randomly select products to be displayed on seller profile page (like best-seller products) (v1.1.2)
  • Seller can display "Other sellers of this product" on the product page (v1.1.2)
  • Admin can set various color scheme for sellers' admin panel.(not supported in some older versions of chrome & chromium browser) (v1.1.2)
Manage Products
  • Upload bulk products
  • Create all type of products: Simple, Configurable, Bundle, Grouped, Downloadable and Virtual
  • Upload multiple product images
  • Import bulk products with multiple product images
  • Manage bulk product stock easily
  • Assign category to products.
  • Email Notification when marketplace administrator approve or block product
  • Create product promotion by special price and group price
  • One product can be sell by multiple Seller. Each product is unique with 'UPC' or ‘EAN’
  • Notification by email when customer ask question for his products
  • Export products
Manage Catalog Promotion
  • Seller can set catalog promotion on percent or fixed amount for attribute set, category and any product attribute like SKU, name, price etc
  • Catalog promotion rule can be set with active or inactive status
  • Catalog promotion can be set for customer groups and website wise
  • Start date and End date can be set for apply catalog promotion
  • Apply discount By Percentage of the Original Price, By Fixed Amount, To Percentage of the Original Price and To Fixed Amount
Manage Order
  • Instant order notification by email
  • Accept and confirm order
  • Create invoice, Create shipment, input shipment tracking number, print packing slip
  • Create order refund(In case the product is not in stock or any other reason, need to refund money)
  • view order history
Set Flexible Product Shipping Fees
  • Set customized shipping fees for all products based on product's different parameters like product weight, purchased product quantity, product price, category, or any product attributes, shipping country, shipping zip code.
  • Block some selected zip codes or country for shipping
  • Set free shipping for specific products if the customer purchases a specific quantity of that product
  • Set different shipping fees or free shipping for specific day or date range
  • Set free shipping on some selected products based on some selected product attribute value
  • Check shipping availability on the product page
  • Allow free shipping above some specified cart price total for specific seller
Check Balance Statement
  • Check balance statement with each product sales details
  • Request for withdraw money from his account
  • Notification by email when withdraw request is approved by marketplace administrator
Other Important Features
  • Own dashboard with total sales, today sales, credit, etc.
  • Multiple language support and multiple store support
  • Multiple currencies support
  • Contact to marketplace administrator using support ticket
Admin Features
  • Seller account verification
  • Mange seller profile and store information
  • Approve or block seller
  • Set fixed or percentage type commission for seller
  • Set category based commission
  • Generate seller specific invoice for customer order
  • Set seller's default product approval status
  • Set number of days for seller payout period for a specific seller. Amount will be automatically transferred in the seller's account after the number of day's set after the day of product shipment.
  • Full control on seller products & orders
  • Check seller account balance statement
  • View seller’s Product Sales Report
  • Approve or decline seller review
  • Set specific attribute-set for different product-category
  • Notification by email when new seller account is registered
  • Notification by email when withdraw request is generated by seller
  • Display promotional offers on product detail page
  • Display captcha in seller forgot password page [from version 1.1.0]
  • Easy Registration process for seller account and sell their product in eCommerce store
  • Contact to seller, if any question regarding product
  • View product with multiple seller list with their competitive price
  • Display all products of particular seller
  • Display specific product and seller review
Effective and Easy Commission Management

  • Admin can set default commission type and amount
  • Admin can set default commission type and amout for particular category
  • Admin can set commission type and amount for particular seller for specific category

Effective and Easy Commission Management
Contact to admin with support ticket

  • Seller can create support ticket to contact admin
  • Seller and admin both are notified using email when ticket is created
  • Admin can view support tickets from all sellers
  • Admin or seller can reply to ticket and close or reopen ticket
  • Ticket communincation email will be send to corresponding admin or seller

Contact to admin with support ticket
Create all type of products

  • Seller can create all type of products available in Magento without any addon
  • These product types are as follows:
    • Simple Product
    • Grouped Product
    • Configurable Product
    • Virtual Product
    • Bundle Product
    • Downloadable Product

Create all type of products
View Category - Attribute Set Mapping

  • Seller can see list of all category and attribute set mapping set by marketplace administrator
  • If seller will add product to unassigned category (to attribute set) then Default attribute set will be used for that product

View Category - Attribute Set Mapping
Upload multiple product images

  • Seller can upload multiple images for single product
  • Seller can manage all uploaded product images from one place
  • Seller can delete all or selected uploaded images easily
  • Seller can use that uploaded images in product CSV file for import bulk products
  • Admin can set total maximum allowed size for product images upload directory for seller

Upload multiple product images
Import bulk product

  • Seller can import multiple products using CSV file
  • Seller can download sample CSV file for specifc attribute set
  • Seller can download options list file to set only specific value for select and multiselect field
  • Seller can specify image path for product in CSV to set product images

Import bulk product
Export products

  • Seller can export products in CSV file from specific attribute set
  • Seller can keep bakckup of current products by exporting products in CSV file
  • Exported CSV file can also be used as a sample to import new products

Export products
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