Magento 1 Extensions

Magento Extensions

Every Magento® extension we build is an outcome of our research towards satisfying our customers with these most required Magento® extensions. These Magento® extensions have been certified as best Magento® Extensions by our customers whose eCommerce have being enriched with these extensions and our Magento® Customization Service.

  1. Product Questions & FAQ

    Product Questions & FAQ
    Provide your customers a facility to ask questions on product page & enable admin to manage & reply to those questions.
  2. Cash on Delivery - Extra Charges

    Cash on Delivery - Extra Charges
    Set charge on customer group and product's different parameters like price, SKU, category, attributes. Check cash on delivery availability on the product page.
  3. Extra Charge of Payment Method

    Extra Charge of Payment Method
    Set fixed or percentage additional charge on any/all payment method(s) based on specific/all customer group(s).
  4. Cash on Delivery Filter By Zipcode

    Cash on Delivery Filter By Zipcode
    Allow Cash on Delivery payment method for specific zip codes. Include or exclude specific zip codes by using special characters like hyphen and asterisk.
  5. Affiliation Program

    Affiliation Program
    Invite friends via e-mail. Get rewards for account registration, newsletter subscription, product review, Facebook likes. Offers lot more required features.
  6. Real-Time Auction

    Real-Time Auction
    Manage multiple auctions with real-time updates, set the minimum bid price, price gap between two bids, auto-extend auction close time & other advanced features
  7. Review Reminder

    Review Reminder
    Automatically send review reminder email to your customer to write a review for the product they purchased.
  8. Custom Option Image - Change Main Image

    Custom Option Image - Change Main Image
    Set different images in custom options and update it at the place of main image when options are hovered or clicked on.
  9. Custom Option Image Tooltip

    Custom Option Image Tooltip
    Display image or color for select type custom options. Display tooltip for the new Thumb Gallery type custom options.
  10. Custom Option Image Pop-up

    Custom Option Image Pop-up
    Display separate images in thumbnail & pop-up of custom options and let the viewers know which option suits them best!
  11. Product Review Notification To Admin

    Product Review Notification To Admin
    Admin gets notification when a customer reviews a product and approve/disapprove product review directly from email.
  12. Custom Option Image

    Custom Option Image
    Display image or color for select type custom options
  13. RMA

    Customer can create RMA request for his order item easily with appropriate return type and return reason. Email notifications for admin and customer.
  14. Custom Option Manager With Image

    Custom Option Manager With Image
    Set image or color for the select type custom options. Edit custom option for multiple products, products SKU list, selected categories in a single click.
  15. Custom SMTP Email

    Custom SMTP Email
    Custom SMTP configuration to send emails.
  16. Product Promotional Label

    Product Promotional Label
    Display label with a different background color/image at a specific position, discount percentage with custom font on the category and product pages.
  17. Order Notification by SMS

    Order Notification by SMS
    Send SMS notifications to customers for different order statuses. Supports any SMS sender gateway in the world.
  18. Advanced Newsletter Sender

    Advanced Newsletter Sender
    Admin can send the newsletter to specific customer groups.
  19. Multilingual CMS

    Multilingual CMS
    Manage CMS pages and blocks for multiple language/store view. Admin can change content for specific store view.
  20. Flexi Shipping Fees

    Flexi Shipping Fees
    Set shipping fees on product parameters like weight, price, quantity, category, attribute set, specific countries, zip code, date range and customer group.
  21. Help Desk System

    Help Desk System
    Provide best customer support by managing tickets for different departments, assign to other admin, email notifications, select default assignee.
  22. Loyalty program - Store Credit and Reward points

    Loyalty program - Store Credit and Reward points
    Reward the customers with store credits. Easily manage credit points in customer's account and boost sales with this loyalty program.
  23. Smart Alternative Product Selector

    Smart Alternative Product Selector
    Set related, up-sells and cross-sells products automatically based on the current product's attribute comparison with other products and many other options.
  24. Import Export Attribute Options

    Import Export Attribute Options
    Import/Export drop-down & multi-select type attribute options or update existing options via CSV file. Use custom delimiter in CSV file for importing options.
  25. Custom Option Manager

    Custom Option Manager
    Add/remove custom options for multiple products and category. Change multiple custom options for selected product(s). Edit custom options for multiple products.