Inventory Age Report & Break Down Report

Decrease your inventory obsolescence risk with Inventory Age & Break Down report. You can generate both the report with just few clicks either Warehouse wise or location wise.

Compatibility: Odoo Version : 12, 11, 10, 9
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It is very natural that as average age of inventory increases, it also grows exposure to obsolescence risk for any business or Enterprise. With the Inventory Age Report in Odoo & Break down report in Odoo, Management team can make buying decisions and pricing decisions such as discounting existing inventory to move product and increase cash flow.

Stock (% of Overall Inventory)
Get the status for each product, that how much percentage of the inventory you are having in proportion to whole stock.
Stock No of Days Old
Get the detailed report about how older is your stock.
Current Valuation
Know about the exact valuation of each product hold at current date.
Value (% Of Overall Inventory)
Get clear picture for each product that how much percentage of the product hold is in proportion to whole stock.
Average Cost
This Report gives the Average cost based on Inventory valuation by Total Quantity.
Average Sales Price
Average Sales Price & Average Sales Price together help a decision maker to wise decision.
Timing Break Down
You can Generate report in one or multiple time frame for the detailed comparative analysis for each product.
Warehouse / Location Wise
Generate Full report as per analysis criteria either warehouse wise or location wise.
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