Inter Company Transfer and Warehouse Transfer

Manage your Inter Company Transfer and Warehouse Transfer (Internal Transfer) in your Odoo to support & accelerate the requirements from your customers.
Compatibility: Odoo Version : 12, 11, 10, 9
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Manage your Inter Company Transfer and Warehouse Transfer (Internal Transfer) in your Odoo to support & accelerate the requirements from your customers.
Easy Interface to Exchange Stock
Superior user experience to carry out exchange of stock between companies/warehouses.
Easy Interface to Return Stock
Return the stock to source companies/warehouses with uncomplicated interface.
Automatic Documents Creation
Documents are automatically generated after each transfers in your Odoo as a part of confirmation receipt.
Easy Navigation between created Documents
Switch over to different documents without making effort to find them from large Odoo database.
Control over pricing and invoicing
Take the full command over managing prices & invoices for various types of transfers.
Automatic Workflow
A higher-level way to organize tasks by automating its operations & minimize manual interventions.
Inter Company Transfer

  • Creates Sales Order from source warehouse & Purchase Order in destination warehouse if warehouses belongs to different companies.
  • Control over Invoice numbering / Refund numbering by specifying separate journals company wise.
  • System will allow you to control pricing from the same screen. Same price will apply on sales order of source company and purchase order of destination company.
  • An option to reverse entire / partial transactions with all effects. In case of Reverse intercompany transactions system will create reverse of delivery order, reverse of incoming shipment (only if they are done), debit note and credit note.
  • Control over all documents process like automatic workflow of all documents, whether need to create or not, auto confirm or not, auto validate or not. Like one can control Auto confirm Sales Orders/ Purchase Order or Generate & Validate Invoice and Cancel: create credit note and reconcile.
  • In multi company environment it’s not easy to create documents of multi companies without login to that company, with this app user can create all records related to intercompany transactions by just one click without login to that company, for that just need to set intercompany user company wise. So you can be sure that taxes applied on SO & PO are accurate according to the companies.

Inter Company Transfer
Inter Warehouse Transfer (Internal Transfer)

  • Creates Delivery Order in source warehouse & Receipts in Destination warehouse.
  • Smart buttons to view created Delivery Order & Receipt.
  • Allows users to do reverse transfer from the same screen. It will reverse the delivery order & receipt./li>

Inter Warehouse Transfer (Internal Transfer)
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