Import Sale Order From Excel

Import Sale Order From Excel

Save your time by easily manage large Sale Orders through Excel/CSV by Importing/Mass updating bulk Sales lines in one time & Export Order lines to Excel
Import/Export/Update large sale order from Excel Category : Sales
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Compatible with Odoo Version : V8, V9


This module can be exceptionally beneficial for the persons who are wholesalers & retailers whereas they need to add 200-300 products in one order. Customer generally provides their large orders via Excel file with the Product code & Qty. So with minor modifications in that excel file Sales person can directly import this file into Sale order in Odoo. This will save their lots of time. We have also taken care that csv file creates problem as platform changes from MAC to windows. That's why our module accepts Excel file. Generally end user like sales persons are not so much aware with csv and it's separators. With our module, they can work mainly in Excel worksheets and upload that worksheets to Odoo. So with our module they can import large order in fraction of seconds and even more they can do mass update quickly in Sale order.
Select option to manage large order by Excel under settings

By installing this module, you will find a option "Import Sale order line from Excel file?" under Settings >> Configuration >> Sales menu. If you select that option then you will see option "Import/Export order lines" in "More" section at the top bar in Sale Order form view.

Import/Export Order lines from Excel popup

By clicking on "Import/Export order lines" option, you will see one pop up to Import / Export Excel file. You can import only .xls or .xlsx file. Please make sure that your file's column headers must be Code, Qty, Name, Price, Discount. You will find all the necessary instructions on pop up itself

Import file with simple Code & Qty

Here there is only Code & Qty specified in Excel file. By importing this file, system will create new order lines in particular Sale order with tremendous speed. Price, Discount & Description will be taken from automatically from pricelist. If you specify Name, Price & Discount columns then system will take from file. If those columns are not specified then system will calculate from pricelist. You can import order lines only in case of when your Order is in "Draft" state.

Setting default Qty while importing products from Excel file

Sometimes sales person includes 12 (dozen) Qty by default in their orders to customers. In this kind of cases they just need to know the product code from ERP system. With keeping this case in consideration, we made our module so simple specially for users like salesman so that if they add only Code in excel file then system will take default Qty automatically from settings. So there is no need to even provide Qty while importing file. In order to set default Qty, user need to go to Setting > Technical > Parameters > System parameters & find the key "Defauly Qty To Import Product" and set the value as per their requirement.

Export the file and do mass update on order lines.

When there is large order with typically 200-300 order lines, it is very hard & time consuming to do modifications in Discount, Unit Price, or Qty in Order lines. With this case in consideration, through our module, you can export the order line in Excel file, do changes quickly in Excel and import that file back to sale order. Your whole order will be updated in fraction of seconds. If you want to modify the existing lines, then don't remove "ID" column in exported Excel file.


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