Import Export Attribute Options

Import Export Attribute Options

Import/Export drop-down & multi-select type attribute options or update existing options via CSV file. Use custom delimiter in CSV file for importing options.
Version 1.5.0
Compatible with Community 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x



Magento is on top of open-source eCommerce framework. It provides the prerequisite to import/export bulk products. But before uploading bulk products, we need to save dropdown and multi-select type attribute options. Magento has no provision to import bulk attribute options. To provide this facility to Magento store administrator, we have developed Import Export Attribute Options Magento extension. Using this extension, Magento store administrator can import and export select type attribute options using CSV file. If the administrator wants to add hundreds of attribute options, he can do it with a single click using CSV file. This extension is very popular because it provides adequate facility & Magento administrator can make this process time-saving. This extension provides below-mentioned usability to store administrator.

  • Import dropdown & multi select type attribute options by csv file.
  • Export dropdown & multi select type attribute options by csv file.
  • Update existing options of dropdown & multi select type attribute.
  • Update attribute option position.
  • Use custom delimiter in your CSV file for attribute option import.
  • Supports attribute values with comma (V 1.5.0)
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4 Customer Review(s)

An Invaluable Extension
Review by dwdonline (Posted on 8/14/2015)
If you have a lot of options for your attributes, this extension is what you need. I use it with a number of sites and have been very happy with the results so far. For example, I have a site that has about 3,000 colors, and I needed to import the value for the admin, store, and the rank. It worked beautifully.
Webshop Manager
Review by (Posted on 7/16/2015)
The Import Export Attribute Options works nicely and will improve your efficiency.
very useful
Review by web2magento (Posted on 6/24/2015)
minor fix needed on some server
in the template file is used the short tag <?= that don't work on my server, so I change them all in <?php echo
Easy and good
Review by Johnny_Longneck (Posted on 6/24/2015)
I tried to upload 400 values for a dropdown list.
First I thought it crashed but after waiting about 10 minutes, everything was saves and imported as expected.

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