Guest Wishlist For Magento 2

Allows the users to add the products to wishlist as a guest and synchronize them to the logged in accounts wishlist after creating an account.
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Version: 1.0.3
Compatibility: CE 2.1.* - 2.3.*
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While browsing through the website, users bookmark the products they like the most, so that they can easily find it for future purchase. Sometimes the users don't prefer to create an account on the website and choose to remain a guest user. Hence to facilitate the guest visitors to bookmark their desired products, we have introduced Guest Wishlist module.



It helps visitors to add their favourite items to the wishlist without creating an account on the site. They can continue their paused shopping when they revisit the website as the extension allows the cookies to be valid for the lifetime. So for any guest user, the wishlist will be valid for a lifetime for the particular browser.

Meanwhile, if a visitor chooses to log in or to register, the items in the guest wishlist get merged to the created account's wishlist.

This extension is based on browser cookie; so functionalities are browser-specific. The products in the wishlist would retain into the cookie session forever until the browser cookies are valid. Also, it will not work in the private mode of the browser.
Wishlist for guest users

Guest users can add the products in the wishlist without account login.

Supports all types of products
In configurable product, select the variations and then add it to wishlist to retain your selected swatches
Easy management for admin
Admin can choose how many items to display in the wishlist pop-up. All items can be seen in the wishlist page
Wishlist synchronization
When the guest user creates an account, his guest wishlist items will get added into his account's wishlist permanently
  • The extension supports all types of products provided by Magento.
  • Ajax operations allow adding the products to the wishlist without reloading the entire page.
  • It facilitates the users to add their favorite products to the wishlist without creating an account.
  • The admin can set whether to display all items in the wishlist popup or not.
  • The admin can set the maximum number of products to display on the wishlist pop-up menu.
  • The customers can add/remove the items to/from wishlist from the product page, category page, and cart page.
  • Provides flexibility in adding all the items from wishlist to cart.
  • A user can quickly remove all the items from guest wishlist permanently.
  • It synchronises the products of registered user's wishlist with the guest user's wishlist when he logs in with their existing account.
Guests can add items to the wishlist without reloading the page

The Ajax technology allows the user to easily add the item into the wishlist without reloading the current page. Not using Ajax can make the irritating page refresh experience every time the item is added to the wishlist, which we have avoided in the module. The module allows a smooth experience to the users by the Ajax technology. It does not require you to log in to your customer account, and still, your wishlist items will be preserved. When you visit the next time, you can see the items in your guest wishlist as it is.

Guests can add items to the wishlist without reloading the page
Flexibly supports configurable product and all other types of products

You can add the configurable product in the wishlist directly, and you can also add the configurable product in the wishlist after selecting the swatches. Your selected swatches will be preserved in the wishlist so that the users don't have to go to the product again to choose the variations. So your users are free to add just the T-shirt in the wishlist, and they are also free to add the 'S' size 'Red' colour T-shirt in the wishlist.

Flexibly supports configurable product and all other types of products
Wishlist gets merged when the guest creates an account

If the guest user adds some items to the wishlist and then creates an account on the site, the guest wishlist items will get merged with the account's wishlist, and hence you do not need to keep track of your previous products. So, even if you have an account, but you do not want to log into it for the time being, then, just wishlist your favourite items, and then log in to your account later. The wishlist items will get merged automatically.

Admin can easily manage the wishlist

The guest wishlist appears in a slider on the right side of the page after the guest adds products into it. The admin can decide the number of products to be shown in the slider. The user can add any number of items in the wishlist, but the specified number of items will be shown in the slider, followed by a link to navigate to the main wishlist page.

Admin can easily manage the wishlist
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