Extra Charge on Payment Method For Magento 2

Set fixed or percentage additional charge on any/all payment method(s) based on specific/all customer group(s).
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Version: 2.2.3
Compatibility: CE 2.2.* - 2.3.*
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The store owner sometimes needs to add some extra charges to customer orders such as COD charge, PayPal service charge, etc. To fulfil admins this requirement, we have developed 'Extra Charge on Payment Method For Magento 2' extension; which makes it easy for the store owner to add an extra charge, i.e., either a fixed amount or a percentage on order.

Under Store > Configuration > Sales > Checkout > Emipro - Extra Charge on Payment Method; an admin can set different labels and include an additional charge depending on the selected payment method. Admin can set separate charge for different customer groups. He can also set charge value and type as per the requirements.

  • Set different charge for different payment methods.
  • Set different charges for different customer groups.
  • Set charge type:
    • Fixed: Charge is fixed.
    • Percentage: Charge is calculated based on subtotal.
  • Set charge label for every payment method.
  • Apply a specific charge rule on "All Payment Methods".
  • Admin can select whether to add an extra charge on shipping amount or not.
  • Tax settings for applying charge:
    • Set whether to add an extra charge on the tax amount or not.
    • Set the tax class on which the extra charge has to be applied.
    • Set whether extra charge amount should include tax or exclude tax.


If you want to add extra charge on any custom payment method, please contact us before purchase.

The extension does not support "Instant Purchase" functionality offered in Magento 2.2.2. It works fine in the normal checkout in Magento 2.2.2.


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