Export Product Stock in Excel

Export Product Stock in Excel

Export stock in Odoo with specific date range, warehouse, product category, supplier, current stock valuation, get negative stock highlighted in Excel / PDF file.
Compatible with Odoo Version : 11,10, 9, 8


  • Export Warehouse or Location specific stock on report.

  • Easy configuration to list the Active Stated product only in report.

  • Based on configuration, Negative Stock gets highlighted with red color on report.

  • Export Vendor & Internal categories wise stock.

  • Export the stock till current date or use To Date filter to export the stock till the filtered date.

Backend Configuration

Make sure to activate the feature under Inventory -> Setting -> Export Stock in Excel file, once app is installed.



How to Generate Report ?

On activating the feature you will find an new menu named Export stock under the Report. Inventory -> Report -> Export Stock



Report Format

Available report formats are - PDF and Excel.




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