Export product stock in Excel

Export product stock in Excel

Export stock in Odoo with specific date range, warehouse, product category, supplier, current stock valuation, get negative stock highlighted in Excel file.
Export stock info with different filters & total valuation
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Compatible with Odoo Version : 8


With this App, you will able to export product stock info including Available, Virtual, Incoming, Outgoing & Net on hand Qty with total sold and purchased Qty till specific date. Also this module facilitates you to have total valuation of your stock till specific date. Along with product stock info, you will able to get product's other vital information like Supplier, SKU, Status, Category, Cost price in single spreadsheet.You will able to export stock info for one or several warehouses in single spreadsheet. With this module, your negative stock value can be highlighted in Bold+Red color in order to draw your attention.
Configuration of Spreadsheet Report Menu

After installation of this App, you will see an option "Export StockInfo in Excel file ?" under menu Settings >> Configuration >> Warehouse. Selecting that option and clicking on "Apply" button in warehouse settings, a menu for "Export stock in Excel" will be visible under Reporting >> Warehouse menu.

Export Stock pop up

Selecting option "Active products only ?" will show only "active" stated products in spread sheet. If you want to show negative stock highlighted in spreadsheet then select option "Display Red text for Negative quantity ?" Selecting specific date will export stock till that date only. Here you can select specific product categories and vendors if you want to export stock for limited filters. Selecting filters properly and clicking on button "Export Product With Stock Info" will straight away export your all data in Excel spreadsheet.

Stock details of multiple Warehouses in single spreadsheet

Per warehouse you can get Available Qty, Virtual Qty, Incoming Qty, Outgoing Qty, Net On Hand Qty, Total Sold & Total Purchased Qty till the date specified in pop up. If no date given in pop up, system will show you the latest stock. You can get your stock valuation details too. In below screen-shot you can see stock details of 2 warehouse exported in single spreadsheet. Negative stock will be highlighted in "red" cells.


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