Export Product Stock in Excel

Export stock in Odoo with specific date range, warehouse, product category, supplier, current stock valuation, get negative stock highlighted in Excel / PDF file.
Compatibility: Odoo Version :12, 11, 10, 9, 8
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  • Export Warehouse or Location specific stock on report.
  • Easy configuration to list the Active Stated product only in report.
  • Based on configuration, Negative Stock gets highlighted with red colr on report.
  • Export Vendor & Internal categories wise stock.
  • Export the stock till current date or use To Date filter to export the stock till the filtered date.
Backend Configuration

Make sure to activate the feature under Inventory -> Setting -> Export Stock in Excel file, once app is installed.



How to Generate Report ?

On activating the feature you will find an new menu named Export stock under the Report. Inventory -> Report -> Export Stock.



Excel Report format



PDF Report format



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