Dynamic Product Price Calculator For Magento 2

Let your customers enter the measurements for the product and compute the price dynamically based on the calculated area/volume.
Version: 1.0.0
Compatibility: CE 2.1.* - 2.3.* EE 2.1.* - 2.3.*
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Have you ever came across a situation when you think that the product price should be dynamic and it can only be decided on the basis of some measurement units? This can be one of your core requirement if you deal with fabric, wires, tiles & flooring, blinds, curtains, frames, fencing, ropes, etc. Our Dynamic Product Price Calculator Extension offers a top-notch solution to calculate the price based on a variety of measurement units.

The extension fabulously supports the fundamental units like Meter, Foot, Inch, Centimetre and Millimetre. We have framed this extension in such a way that it is very easy for the admin to manage the area calculation process for every product.

Easily build custom price formula
Simple way to organize the price calculation formula. Admin can manage this core equation with ease.
Price based on units of Area Or Volume
Allow your customers to calculate the price based on units of area or volume, depending on the type of product.
Set price per unit
Per unit price can be set in each product as per your requirement, which will be multiplied with the calculated area. For ex., $5 per foot.
Set separate input and output units
Set separate units for input values and the calculated output. The automatic conversion makes the process easy for the users.
Set Discount for a variation of sizes
Offer different amount of discount based on the calculated size. So it'll allow you to set different discount for different range of area.
Multiple measurement units
Allow your customers to calculate the price in different units out of Centimetre, Millimetre, Foot, Inch and Meter.
Fixed Base Price
The main price of the product will be considered as it is and thus it will get added to the price calculated on the area.
Set minimum and maximum input limit
Set the min & max limit of the values to be input by the customer. This allows the admin to validate the digits that the customers input.
Set-up dynamic price structure
Configuring different price equations for a variety of products allows the admin to create a scenario of dynamic pricing all over the site.
Convenient interface for users
The extension adopts the user-friendly approach thus making it more favorable for users to calculate their custom price quickly.
  • Set your custom price formula to calculate the values entered by the user. For ex., (length*width)+depth
  • Set the per unit price which will be multiplied with the calculated area.
  • Select whether to make the calculations for area or for volume. The relevant label will be shown on the frontend.
  • Select the unit in which the users will enter the digits. You can set from Centimetre, Millimetre, Foot, Inch, Metre
  • Select the unit in which the calculated output(area or volume) will be displayed. The applicable units are Centimetre, Millimetre, Foot, Inch, Metre
  • Automatic conversion between units when input and putput units are not the same.
  • Set different tiers for discount to be calculated on the output area/volume. For ex., 20-50 size -> 10 % discount and 50-80 size -> 20% discount
  • Create 'Price calculate' type of custom options to use it for the price calculation. The SKU of this type of custom options has to be used in building the formula.
  • Set the minimum and maximum value in the 'Price calculate' type custom option so that the input given by the customer can be validated.
  • Set the default value for the 'Price calculate' type custom options so that user can see some values automatically when the page loads.
  • Select whether to display the calculated area/volume, base price and discoun price on the front-end or not. You can hide or display these portions as per your requirement from the configuration settings.
Use new types of custom options to calculate price

The extension introduces a new type of custom option named as 'price calculate'. You have to create the custom options with this type and the price calculator will work on it.

You can use the other default custom options of Magento as it is along with the price calculator custom options.

Use new types of custom options to calculate price
Construct your own formula for calculation

This is the core part of the extension, and so, the admin has the privilege to construct the calculation formula depending on his requirement.

The admin has to create the custom options with the 'price calculate' type set in it. Then using the SKU of these custom options, he can construct the formula for price calculation.

Construct your own formula for calculation
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