Dropshipper EDI Integration in Odoo

Odoo Dropshipper EDI Integration helps dropshipper to manage orders, products & inventory via EDI Integration through FTP Server.
Note: If the CSV format for all operations which are currently supported is not the same as the format you are using, it requires modifications to make it compatible with your format, such modifications are not included in the App cost. It will cost you extra.
Compatibility: Odoo Version : 12, 11
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This App helps dropshipper to manage their business operations smoothly & automized through EDI Integration with their customers. Using this App, dropshipper can give FTP server & ask their customer to push / pull EDI files for Orders & Order tracking, products & inventory.
Manage FTP Server & Directories
Allows to configure FTP Server & directories for all the operations customer wise.
Export Product Catalog
Export product catalog for all the customers on FTP server.
Export Specific Product to Customer
Allows to define specific products for a customer to be export on FTP server.
Manage Customer's Product Code
One can set customer's product code in product catalog to integrate using customer's product code.
Import dropship orders
Process order file which is push on FTP server by customer and generate delivery & invoices automatically.
Shipment Information
Once orders are delivered, prepare CSV file for shipment information with tracking number & push on FTP server for customers.
Export Inventory / Stock
Push Inventory file on FTP server for all drop-ship customers.
Set Automatic Jobs
Set automatic jobs to perform key operations automatically.
Export Operations

  • Export Product Catalog file on FTP server
  • Export Inventory / Stock file on FTP Server
  • Export Shipment Information (Tracking Number) file on FTP server

Export Operations
Import Operations

Import Order file from FTP Server

Import Operations
Automatic Jobs



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