DPD Cloud Odoo Shipping Integration

DPD Cloud Odoo Shipping Connector helps to connect Odoo with DPD Cloud and manage your Shipping operations directly from Odoo.
Compatibility: Odoo Version : 12, 11, 10
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DPD Cloud offers time-definite delivery of packages and documents worldwide along with shipping and tracking solutions that fits the needs of every business. If you use Odoo as your ERP system to manage Order Fulfillment & Shipping operations and using DPD Cloud as your Shipping provider, our DPD Cloud Odoo Shipping Connector will help you connect DPD Cloud with Odoo. Set DPD Cloud delivery methods while creating Sales Order, automatically submit order information from Odoo to DPD Cloud and get Shipping label and Order Tracking number from DPD Cloud to Odoo. Print Shipping label and send tracking link to customer via email.




  • Integrate DPD Cloud with Odoo.
  • Switch between test and production environment in DPD Cloud delivery method.
  • Set DPD Cloud Delivery Method in Sales Order in Odoo Backend.
  • Submit order information and confirm the order in DPD Cloud by validating delivery order.
  • DPD Cloud can’t provide the rate API. Using the Price functionality we will set the shipment rate in order according to the our specific rules.
  • Fetch Shipping label from DPD Cloud to Odoo.
  • Fetch Order Tracking number from DPD Cloud to Odoo and send Order Tracking Link to customer via email automatically.
  • Generate a comprehensive Shipping Report in Odoo.
  • Supports integration of multiple DPD Cloud accounts with a single Odoo Environment.

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