Real-time Auction
Real-Time Auction For Magento 2
Real-Time Auction For Magento 2

User Guide - Real Time Auction For Magento 2

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Managing Auctions

Add a new auction

  • Select product: This option is where the admin has to mention the name or SKU of the product to be auctioned.
  • Auction title: This option is where the admin has to enter the name of the auction.
  • Minimum Bid Price: Minimum Bid Price is the starting price of the auction.
  • Reserve Price: Reserve price is the minimum limit of the closing price. i.e, the closing price must exceed the reserve price.
  • Auction Start Date and Time: This option allows the admin to set the start date and time of the auction.
  • Auction End Date and Time: This option allows the admin to set the end date and time of the auction.
  • Minimum Price Gap: Minimum price is the minimum price difference between two bids.
  • Maximum Price Gap: Maximum price gap is the maximum price difference between two bids.
  • Auto Extend Time Enable/ DIsable: On enabling this option, if some bidder places a bid in last X seconds of the end time, then the auction gets extended by Y seconds.
  • Customer Group: This option enables the admin to classify the customers participating in the auction and thus set the auction for the selected customer groups only.


View auction details

The admin can view the bidder's details for an ongoing auction. Under Catalog > Real-Time Auctions > Manage Auction, from the 'Bid Information' tab, all the bidders of that auction are enlisted with their bid amount and bid time. Admin can also view that how many of them have placed an auto-bid; under store 'Auto Bid Information' tab. Admin can see a list of users who have added the auction products in their watchlist in the 'Watchlist Information' tab.


Restrict Customer

This option facilitates the admin to mass disallow customer's participation in the auction if he wishes to. An admin can also allow them back to participate in an auction.


Conduct multiple auction

Admin can conduct multiple auctions and supervise them at the same time. An admin can manage multiple auctions from Catalog > Real-Time Auction > Manage Auctions. From that grid, an admin is able to view all the details including:

  • Winner Customer
  • Auction Start, and End Date
  • Minimum bid prize
  • Minimum price gap
  • Auto-extend time
  • Last Bid
  • Total Bid
  • Status

Configuration settings

  • Pusher: This option is used to get real-time updates. Admin just need to configure account on

To make the task even easier, we have used a cost-effective "Pusher" 3rd party service. You need to make an account on to access this service.

  • Email template: This option provides three templates.
    1. Auction Winner Email Template: This template is used when email is sent to the winner of auction.
    2. Bid Successful Email Template: This template is used when email is sent to the customer who has participated in the auction and has placed a bid.
    3. Raise Bid Email Template: This template is used to send an email when someone has placed a bid more than their bid.
    4. Auto Bid Email Template: This template is used when email is sent to the customer who has placed an auto-bid.
  • Bid Configuration: This option provides more flexibility to the user.
    1. Show Bid History of all Bidders: If set to YES, then customers can view the bid history of other participants.
    2. Auto Bid Allow: If set to YES, then the auto-bid option will be visible on a product page.
Customer View

Product Detail Page

  • Time left: This option displays the countdown of time of ongoing auction.
  • Close time: This option displays last day and time of the auction.
  • Current Bid: This is the ongoing bid of the auction
  • Start Bid: This option displays the base price of the auction.
  • My Bid: This option displays the last bid placed by the user.

The countdown of any product can be viewed by visitors on the category page. The user can even place an auto-bid from the 'A' button.


Auction Watch List

To view items in watchlist go to My Account > Auction WatchList. This option contains the details of the product which have been added to the watchlist by visitors.

My Bids

This option allows the participants to view their bids information. The user can also view the bid history of other users by clicking the details link. But the user is only allowed to view if an admin has set the permission from Store > Configuration menu, i.e. Under Bid Configuration > Show Bid History Of All Bidders is set to YES.


Cron job set-up

Some part of the extension works based on the cron job. The extension comes with all the required crontabs in it, but you need to activate the Magento main cron job which will execute the extension's cron jobs. So after you enable the Magento default cron, the extension's cron will get executed automatically whenever required.

Third-party Service Integration

Pusher provides real-time communication between servers, apps, and devices. Pusher is used to deliver real-time notifications to chat, gaming, web-page updates, IoT, and many other systems. When something event triggered in the system or web page, this application sends real-time notifications. For example, in this Extension when one person places the bid then, all other customer product page content automatically updates with the bid price data.

The extension uses 'Pusher' third party free service to show the real-time notification to the customers on the product page. If you do not configure the pusher with the extension, then your customers will not be able to get an automatic notification on the product page, and they need to refresh the page to check the new bids arrived. You can create an account here

Pusher offers a free plan with some specific number of connections. The extension can work with it. Still, if you want to have a large number of connections and messages, then you need to buy a paid plan. The pricing info goes here.