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Extension Installation Guide

Download the Latest Version

  • Login into your account
  • Download extension's latest version

Pre-Installation Steps

  • Backup your Magento web directory and database.
  • Disable the Cache
  • Disable Compilation Mode
Upload Extension

  • Extract downloaded zip file
  • Go to your Magento root directory
  • Go to extension extracted folder

  • Select extension's all files and folders and upload into your Magento root directory

Refresh the Cache

  • Go to System > Cache Management
  • Select all and refresh the cache

Enter Your Extension's Licence Key

  • After successful place order on our shop, you will get a licence key in your registered email address
  • Go to System > Configuration > Emipro > [Extension name]
  • Set Licence key of your extension and save the configuration

If you get "Page not found - 404 Error" in System > Configuration > Emipro > [Extension name] after installing the extension, you just need to log out from the admin panel and log in again to solve that problem.

Now Magento extension will work as per documentation. Enjoy it !!!

If you have any problem or question regarding your purchased Magento extension, feel free to generate support ticket from our account.

Thank you