Dependent Custom Options
Dependent Custom Options For Magento 2
Dependent Custom Options For Magento 2

User Guide - Dependent Custom Options For Magento 2

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Customize Product Dependency

Under Catalog > Products, you can set the dependency between the custom options for any specific products. Select a product under which you want to set dependency, and click the Customizable Options.

How To Set Dependency

To make any custom option dependent on another, you need to mention the SKU of parent custom option to the Child SKU of another custom option to which you want to set dependencies.

Multiple Dependencies

You can even make multiple options depending on a single option. For that, you just need to mention multiple child SKU separated by a comma(,) in a Child SKU field. And the different option which has that SKU as its main SKU will become dependent on that specific option.


Magento version 2.2.8 and 2.3.2 have a default bug in it due to which this extension cannot be used in specific versions. The solution to that bug is explained here, after which you will be able to use the extension in the above versions.

Open the file:


Go to line: 61

public function getValuesHtml(): string

change to

public function getValuesHtml()

Save the file now.