Custom Smtp Email
Custom SMTP Email
Custom SMTP Email

User Guide - Custom SMTP Email

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  • Custom SMTP configuration to send emails
  • Send email in local system by SMTP configuration
  • Developer and User Friendly

User Guide

Steps to setup SMTP for sending email

  • Go to System -> Configuration
  • Click on Settings under EMIPRO – Custom SMTP Email tab


Enabled This extension is active or not. Options are Yes and No. If it is set to No then default Magento email sending will be used. If it is set to Yes then specified SMTP configuration will be used to send emails.
Authentication Type Type of authentication required by SMTP. Options are Login, Plain and CRAM-MD5.
Host Host used by SMTP. e.g.
Port Port used by SMTP. e.g. 587
Username/Email Username or Email for SMTP. e.g.
Password Password for SMTP.
SSL Security SSL Security required by SMTP. Options are SSL and SSL TLS.