Custom Option Inventory
Custom Option Inventory for Magento 2
Custom Option Inventory for Magento 2
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  1. General Configuration
  2. Note

User Guide - Custom Option Inventory for Magento 2

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General Configuration

To manage the stock of custom option of a particular product, go to Catalog > Products and select the product.

Open the ‘Customizable options’ tab and click on ‘Add option’. You can add the required custom options from here.

The inventory functionality of the extension will be available for the ‘select type’ custom options.

  • Qty Input: If you check this box, a field (‘Qty.’) will appear on the front-end in which the customers can enter the quantity for the particular custom option.

You can now add value for the option created previously by clicking on ‘Add Value’. You can create unlimited no. of values under each option.

  • Quantity: Enter the number of products in stock for that particular custom option value.
  • Manage stock: If you switch the toggle on, then only the extension will manage and timely update the stock.

After updating all the details, click on ‘Save’.

The custom option type ‘Multi-select’ is not compatible with Custom Option Inventory.


The enterprise version feature ‘Schedule New Updates’ is compatible with the features of our extension. So, whenever you schedule a new product update, you can browse and add images with this feature.

Magento version 2.2.8 and 2.3.2 have a default bug in it due to which this extension cannot be used in specific versions. The solution to that bug is explained here, after which you will be able to use the extension in the above versions.

Open the file:


Go to line: 61

public function getValuesHtml(): string

change to

public function getValuesHtml()

Save the file now.