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Custom Option Image For Magento 2
Custom Option Image For Magento 2

User Guide - Custom Option Image For Magento 2

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How it works?

Using this extension, the store owner can assign and remove images or color cube for the select type of custom options. The store owner can easily edit the images and color set for every custom options. Magento provides various kind of option types like Radio Buttons, Checkbox, Dropdown, multi-select, Data, File and such others but we have added other three kinds of 'Option type': Thumb Gallery, Thumb Gallery Popup and Thumb Gallery Multi Select. These three new option types are very valuable in terms of representing images and colors in a unique way to customers.


  • Easily assign, edit and remove particular image or color for every particular custom option.
  • To switch over between color and image for any option, just change the value from 'Display Mode' drop-down instead of removing the uploaded image or un-setting the selected color.
  • Customer can select image or color with very advanced selection types: Thumb Gallery, Thumb Gallery Popup and Thumb Gallery Multi Select.
  • Allows customer to view different images, color cube, title and price when any particular custom option is clicked on.
  • Admin can set maximum file size(MB) for the image to be uploaded.
  • Admin can set the height and width of the image to be displayed on front-end.
  • Admin can set whether or not to display any custom option as selected when page loads.

If you are using third-party theme in your Magento2 site, there are chances that the extension may not work expectedly. In such cases, we recommend you to contact us via support ticket immediately after you purchase it. We will install & customize it as per your front-end theme.

If you have already purchased one custom option extension and want the functionality of other custom option extension, we recommend you to contact us before making the second purchase.

User Guide

Manage image size and dimension

Under the Stores > Configuration menu, admin can set the maximum image size(MB) to be uploaded. Admin can also set the height and width of the image to be displayed for all custom options having 'Display Mode' as Image.


Assign image and color

From the 'Customizable Options' tab of any product, admin can set the images and color.

After installing the extension, you will see 'Thumb Gallery', 'Thumb Gallery Popup' and 'Thumb Gallery Multi Select' in the Option type dropdown. Admin can browse the desired image to be set on the particular custom option. Admin can also set the color from the color-picker if the need is to set the color-cube on the particular custom option. Admin can even set any custom option to display as selected on front-end or not. For this he just need to select ‘Is Default’ to ‘Yes’.

If image and color both are set, then the selected value in the 'display mode' dropdown (Image/Color) will be applicable on the front-end.

When the customer selects any custom option, the related image or color set by admin for that custom option will be displayed and the price will be affected if any extra price is set on that option.


The enterprise version feature ‘Schedule New Updates’ is compatible with the features of our extension. So, whenever you schedule a new product update, you can browse and add images with this feature.