Custom Option Image - Change Main Image
Custom Option Image - Change Main Image For Magento 2
Custom Option Image - Change Main Image For Magento 2

User Guide - Custom Option Image Change Main Image For Magento 2

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New types of custom options

After installing the extension, you will see three new types of custom options under the 'Select' type options: Thumb Gallery, Thumb Gallery Popup, Thumb Gallery Multi Select. The tooltip will appear for these three types of options.

For the other four 'select' type custom options i.e. Dropdown, Radio button, Checkbox, Multi Select, you can set image or color to be displayed on the frontend.

Setup the change main image in product

Go to Catalog > Products and edit any product. Scroll down to the 'Customizable Options' portion where you can manage the product custom options.

When you will add an option there, you will find a field for uploading the image.

  • Image: Once you upload an image, it will appear under this heading. You can upload the image using the uploader just beside the image section.
  • Thumb Color: If you wish to display the color, then you can set the desired color from the color picker.
  • Display Mode: You can set the display mode out of 'Image' and 'Color'. To switch over between color and image for any option, just change the value from 'Display Mode' drop-down instead of removing the uploaded image or un-setting the selected color.
  • Is Default: If you wish to keep any option selected by default when the page loads, you can set this toggle to 'yes'.

Configuration settings

Under the Stores > Configuration menu, admin can set the maximum image size that he will be uploading from the backend and the dimensions of the custom option image thumbnail.

  • Maximum Image Upload Size (Mb): The maximum size of image (Mb) which admin can upload in the custom options from the backend.
  • Image Width and Height (px): The height and width of the custom option image thumbnail which will appear on the frontend product page.
  • Base Image Change On: The behavior of changing the main image. Whether you want to change the main image on custom option mouse-over effect or custom option click effect, or both.


The enterprise version feature ‘Schedule New Updates’ is compatible with the features of our extension. So, whenever you schedule a new product update, you can browse and add images with this feature.