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User Guide - Consignment Management

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A. Introduction

Supervise your consignment stock system between consignees with Consignment Management app in Odoo. With the Consignment Management app from Emipro, you are equipped with optimal consignment operations carried out in Odoo that makes the transactions between you and your consignee, even smoother & smarter.

Listed below are the consignment transactions you can perform:

Consignment Transfer: Transfer your goods or products to the consignee and move your stock from actual warehouse to virtual warehouse (Virtual warehouse will be managed automatically by app ).

Consignment Order: When consignee confirms the sales quantity, at that time you need to send an invoice to him. So for this process, one sales order needs to be created in Odoo. But that stock must be deducted from the Virtual warehouse/location (There is one location for each consignee which will be managed automatically by app).

Consignment Return: When consignee returns the unsold products back to the warehouse at that time one transaction needs to be done in the system, that is from consignee location to actual warehouse.

Consignee to Consignee Transfer: Transfer your goods from your one consignee to your other consignee. Stocks from one location will move to another location for newer consignee.

Note: There will be only one consignment warehouse for multiple locations per consignee. All consignees location will be created under that consignment warehouse. You can see this in Settings / Warehouses / Consignment.

B. Installation

After successfully downloading the Consignment Management App from Odoo store or Emipro shop, place it on the Odoo Add-ons path or at any other desired path. Now, restart the Odoo instance and navigate to Apps in the dashboard. Click on Update Apps List from the menu. Once it completes loading successfully, Consignment Management App will be visible in Apps.

Click on the Install button. Success! Now, you are ready to use the Consignment Management App in your Odoo.

1. Configuration

After successfully installing app, go to Inventory / Consignment / Consignee. A new wizard will open in which you need to create a new Consignee with all the required details. When you go through Sales & Purchase tab, you will be able to see checked Consignee box, Location Name & Consignment Location that are displayed automatically as shown below.

In the case, if you want to set any existing partner as a Consignee, go to Sales / Customers and check the box ‘Consignee’ in Sales & Purchase tab as shown in below screenshot.

2. Consignment Product

Any product which you want to sell to your consignee should be marked as ‘Can be Sold for Consignment’ when you manage your Products. If it is not marked, you cannot find that particular product while creating Consignment Order.

3. Import Consignment Transactions

Here, you need to select Transaction Type and upload the xls/xlsx file. Transaction Type is basically the type of consignment operation for which you are going to import data. It can be Consignment Transfer, Consignment Return, Consignment Orders or Consignee to Consignee transfer. Select any one from it for which you are going to import file.

4. Consignment Transfer

Once the new Consignee is registered, navigate to Consignee Transfer from Consignment menu to enter the details for goods that you want to transfer to Consignee. Enter the warehouse name & consignee name, Further, add the products and its quantity for transfer. Save it, and a ‘Process’ button can be seen.

Once the consignment transfer is processed, it is linked-up with Delivery Orders. You have to validate & process the delivery order for the successful transfer to a consignee.

5. Consignment Return

Click on Consignment Return from Consignment menu. Add the new record for consignment return from the consignee. When a record is created, a new incoming shipment (reverse of delivery order) will be generated. Validate & process it to complete the return process of consignment.

6. Consignee to Consignee Transfer (Consignee Internal Transfer)

From the same menu, click on Consignee to Consignee Transfer option and a new window will open. Add the details of both the consignees and product details with its quantity. A Internal Transfer will be generated here. Validate & process it to transfer goods between two consignees.

7.Consignment Orders

Navigate to Consignment menu and open Consignment Orders. Enter the customer details (consignee). Also, enter product details with quantity and Confirm Sale. After that, you will find the order screen as shown below. Further, you can process delivery order and create the invoice for same.

8. Consignment Stock Reports

Download the consignment stock report for the specific period in XLSX or PDF format - Consignee and Product wise. You can also view it on your screen directly.

Get the detailed product wise stock report while managing your consignment from Inventory / Consignment / Consignment Stock Report.

Same here for Consignee Wise.

9. Mismatch Logs

Get the list of errors (if occurred) while importing the consignment transactions from Inventory / Consignment / Consignment Mismatch Logs.

Get all the details of your imported consignment transaction from Inventory / Consignment / Consignment Log Mismatches / Transactions.