Display Only Specific Warehouse Stock at Odoo Website

Display Only Specific Warehouse Stock at Odoo Website

Assign the dedicated warehouse to a particular Website so sales from the other channels do not impact to run out of stock for your eCommerce customers.
Compatible with Odoo Version : 11



Suppose you are selling your product on Odoo eCommerce also at your retail brick and mortar store or selling it wholesale. In such a case, running an Odoo eCommerce with a dedicated warehouse is necessary. The simple reason is that your eCommerce store will be never run out of stocks and highly demanded products will always available for your online customers which are being consumed from backend Sales.

By default Odoo Shows the stock of all the warehouse at your eCommerce store. but with our app, you can assign the dedicated warehouse. So sales from the other sales channel do not impact to run out of stock for eCommerce customer. As a result, your customer will never get dissatisfied due to stock availability.

After Installing the App set warehouse and route in the website >> Configuration >> settings menu.



Create Route and Procurement Rules


Note that Check box sales order line is checked.


Stock Display in website

Here in the below screens you can see the comparative view that in system beck-end it shows 32 Product in stock in respective warehouses and in there location. where at Odoo web store you can see only 10 units display as per the selected warehouse.



Warehouse and location selection in sale order and delivery order

In website sales order and delivery order stock will be deducted from warehouse which is set in " website >> Configuration >> settings >> Warehouse & Route"



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